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oh we got a special guest today guys we

got my son here mo cotton Mota who's

drooling all over the place

but hey we're really really excited

because we have some good news for you

Craigslist disabled CAPTCHA over the

weekend we don't know if it's a

permanent thing we hope so is definitely

going to help a lot of things here maybe

they're losing users off this date we

don't know we don't know if it's

permanent or not but we're looking into

it and seeing how we can compound on

that with our brand new software that we

just released you know congratulations

to everybody that picked up the software

you guys are awesome let us know if you

received any responses down below and

just drop it down on the comments down

below right that's what they need to do

right so um lots coming ok

we want to improve some support that

we've been providing to you let us know

what works for you support via email

live chat on the forum let us know on

the comes down below it helps us helps

me that makes things easier as well so a

lot lots of improvements coming these

vlogs I'm going to do more interviews

and looking at the interviews with some

buddies of Mines and you know get them

on here to get you more value as much

value as possible and so much more we're

really really excited right

we're excited so we'll speak to you guys

soon thank you so much for watching this

vlog take