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Rebound Headache - What Are They and How to Manage Them?

hey guys the tissue from the Brisbane

headache and migraine clinic welcome to

another installment in the video series

from migraine awareness month today I'll

be talking to you about medication

overuse headache commonly known as

rebound headache so do you suffer from

rebound headache and how can you avoid

them well I'll let you know

so rebound headaches happen when people

are taking a lot of painkillers

medications to manage chronic headaches

or migraines over the use of these

analgesic medications is actually a

major trigger in chronic daily headaches

sufferers of this type of headache

usually have some other form of headache

underlying them such as tension type or

migraine but this condition is now

considered to be just as serious and

disabling as the aforementioned headache

disorders and is now considered to be

the third most common headache disorder

worldwide so let's talk about the

medications that put you at greater risk

our first group are the off-the-shelf

medications such as your paracetamol and

argue person in this group you'll find

things like panadol and urethane and a

whole host of others paracetamol can be

effective in decreasing model pain when

appropriate works are the non-steroidal

anti-inflammatory these things have a

minor chance of causing any sort of

rebound headache and they're generally

considered to be fairly safe as long as

you stick to the guidelines on the

package however long term use can have a

negative effect on the liver next up

other trip ten medications such as

sumatriptan and rasa Tripta which

include the max off waivers trick 10

medications are common medication for

treating migraines as they can be

effective in aborting an attack trip ten

medications are not considered to be a

cure for migraines as they don't have


benefit reducing the likelihood or the

frequency of attacks these present with

a mild to moderate risk of causing

rebound headache

thirdly we have the opioids in this

group we have a motor sent on a common

migraine preventer and any codeine based

medications and such as panadeine for

opioids are used to relieve Multan

severe pain

however they are unfortunately not all

that effective in treatment from

migraine attacks these medications

present with a moderate risk of

developing rebound headaches finally we

have the over-the-counter drugs such as

the combination drugs of caffeine

aspirin and paracetamol over-the-counter

medications that included sedatives such

as most antihistamine medications are

also included in this category these

medications cover a wide range of the

users with antihistamines being a common

medication for controlling side effects

of allergies these medications have a

high have the highest risk of leading to

rebound headaches especially if they

have the sedative in all four of these

categories of medications have the

potential to cause the very thing that

they designed to reduce which is


hence long-term use of these medications

can end up doing more harm than good in

the battle against headaches so a tip I

can give you

apart from trip down medications which

are designed to avoid an attack try to

avoid taking medications just in case to

prevent the rebound endings

it's important to know that headaches

and not any side effect that people can

get from these medications and for a

full list of possible side effects have

read of the information pamphlet inside

the medication package if you'd like to

free yourself from medications once and

for all then come and see the team at

Brisbane headache and migraine clinic to

discuss what your options are and

hopefully we can provide you with


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all throughout you