get rid


everyone okay so today I'm going to be

talking about razor burn and razor bumps

how to prevent them and how to with

frequent use of these sort of strategies

how to absolutely stop them from

occurring now I have a beard obviously I

like having a beard but the one thing

that I love is shaving I love the ritual

of the soaking up and the heat and the

steam and the razor

I love the glide across the skin is

beautiful beautiful thing but of course

I just prefer my face with a beard the

majority of the time now I once read

that it was said that razor burn and

razor bumps was actually product burn in

terms of products that contain

irritating ingredients like menthol and

alcohol now I can testify that that is

not the case I'm not saying that those

things don't contribute to problems with

the skin but it is absolutely not the

case with me I have used oils and other

products and still have problems with my

skin that were completely non irritating

so it's actually the razor I think that

contributes to the most amount of

problems that we see now the main thing

that you can do when looking at razor

obviously the sensitivity of your skin

goes a long way there are some people

who don't have very sensitive skin and

these things are really an issue or they

are once in a blue moon so the way I'm

going to describe it is I've got two

razors here this is a Gillette one which

is a five blade razor and this one is

just your standard BIC razor which has

one blade now if we say that this

section of my face that I'm shaving

right and I'm starting here I'm going

down and it takes me two times to get it

clean and of course I'm going to go

against the grain because anybody who's

got to be it or any man out there so

even if you're shaving your legs it's

may still apply but more particularly to

the male side of things if you are if

you don't go against the grain you've

got stubble back within like two hours

if I don't go against the grain I have

got that five o'clock shadow really

really quickly so going against the

grain is often very necessary and we all


through borrowed but sometimes it's

necessary to get that close shave so

anyway let's say it takes us two times

to go down and two times to go up we

have passed a single bit blade over the

skin a total of four times okay with a

single blade now say we're doing the

same thing but with a Mac five a five

bladed one takes us two times to go down

two times the go up we have now abraded

the skin 20 times so the fact that that

razor has five blades and the other one

has one we are then going to see a

massive difference in how much we are

braiding the skin and that will cause

much much more irritation to the skin

now if you have sensitive skin you're

better off starting with a one blade and

you can try and work up if you don't

have sensitive skin start with a two and

again work up but remember how many

times were passing the blade over our

skin over our legs under our arms is

going to contribute to razor bone

without a date so the less times you

have to go over the area the better the

best way to do it when going down even

if it's this as I'm using my face but

you can use your legs or whatever you'll

pull the skin taut and go down and then

pull the skin in the opposite direction

and go up this way you can get a closer

shave by only doing two passes hopefully

so even if you're using the five plate

that's just ten passes rather than the

standard twenty the other thing to think

about is the products that you're going

to use on your skin now this is the way

I do it I hate the foaming products

because they're ridiculous there's no

need to have all that phone what I do is

get some oil now I quite like using

almond oil which you can get in really

big containers it's not that expensive

and I like to rub that all over my face

and use that as a shaving oil you can

also use olive oil coconut oil something

that's non-irritating another thing I

like to do is get a standard generic

from like one of the beauty stores a

massive standard generic conditioner and

I just pump back into my hand and rub

that into my beer or sometimes most of

time I put a couple of pumps of the

conditioner and then the oil

and combine the two this helps the razor

to glide over the skin it's incredibly

cheap way of doing it because you can

get liters of this stuff for like ten

pounds so it's great you can just put

the oil in you've got the most perfect

shape because it's so emollient and so

greasy that you can actually see where

you're cutting which with the foam and

all those kind of foaming agents it's

not that great the other thing after

you've shaved now this is there are

products out there like ten skin which

can absolutely 100% work to prevent

razor bumps and razor burn and if you've

got them they can absolutely get rid of

them the main problem with them is that

they contain alcohol and that can be

irritating to the skin so there's a

couple of ways you can do it you can use

a pH a product called better hydroxy

acids these things if used every single

day can stop absolutely stop razor burn

and razor bumps they're salicylic acid

so if you're sensitive to aspirin that

may be an issue for you but probably if

you're not you're going to get great

results with it the other thing you can

do is to get a bottled water just an

empty bottled water and take some

dissolvable aspirin the kind you popped

in and they dissolve and they dissipate

into the water just shake it up and if

you've got dry skin put in a little bit

Listerine you can get that in the

chemist who cares shake it up and apply

this to the skin because the aspirin has

dissolved you've got the kind of

anti-inflammatory benefits of the

aspirin without home to spend a huge

amount of money on the ten skin plus you

haven't got the alcohol in it which is

irritating but ten skin does work on the

best route to go down is be a chaise

links to good products here are in the

description bar or of course you can

make your own which is just as good but

these tips the shaving oil the

conditioner going with the grain and

against the grain by pulling the skin in

different directions and starting with a

one blade or a two blade and then

working your way up remember the more

passes the more trouble we're going to

cause this is how to prevent a razor

burn and razor bumps and thankfully when

I do shave now which I still like to do

once in a while I don't have any of the

issues that I used to get with these

problems and again ten skin VHS can

absolutely stop and prevent ingrown

hairs as well which is wonderful thanks

for watching and I see you next time