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Period Pain Relief: What Works? [Dr. Claudia]


yes painful periods are common but they

can be agony what really works the hot

water bottle

research shows that he therapy really

works to reduce period pain so using a

heating pad patch or good old hot water

bottle is absolutely worth your while

and not just an old wives tale exercise

here's the issue there are a surprising

number of studies looking into this 12

to be precise but the results are pretty

mixed some say it helps others disagree

but in the grand scheme of things we

know regular exercise is all around a

bit linked so if you're thinking to give

this one a go there's no harm in trying

painkillers I looked at the evidence

behind different types of painkillers

that you can buy without a prescription

paracetamol or Tylenol it works really

well for some but the evidence suggests

that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory

drugs NSAIDs which is a mouthful and

collective term that covers drugs such

as ibuprofen and aspirin are a better

option when it comes to NSAIDs we know

for a bunch of studies that these help

and plain old ibuprofen is a really

great choice but don't forget that these

drugs aren't suitable for everyone

people with stomach heart or kidney

problems and some people with asthma to

name but a few

so if you aren't familiar with this

medication speak to a pharmacist first

contraceptives most have either been

proven to help or come well recommended

by women's health experts so if you

aren't planning a pregnancy anytime soon

it's worth discussing this option with

your doctor if you're struggling with

really bad period pains we can discuss

and treat all sorts of women's health

issue is via video consultation and if

you need a prescription we can get one

sent to your local pharmacy