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I phone 6 ipad ios safari split screen annoying left pane landscape mode bookmarks history apple

guys thanks for watching and this video

is I'm going to show you how to get rid

of this annoying split screen that just

started popping up on my iPad and my

iPhone 6 I don't know if it was an

update or what whatever it is it is

annoying as heck and this video is going

to show you how to get rid of it and it

took me about an hour of research to

figure this out but what you're going to

do is as soon as you get the split

screen here I'm going to put the up

there where you see the bookmark it's

highlighted in blue you're going to go

to that and you're going to like triple

tap it and when you do that you might

have to like keep tapping it I don't

know how it happens but when you keep

tapping it you'll get this screen then

this little gray bar will pop up here

and then you'll get this little bookmark

and then what you're going to do is

touch that and it will shrink down to

the screen that you want and to get to

get it to come back which you probably

don't want it to come back you would

just touch that again so to get rid of

it it's all about touching this one and

then this bar will pop up and you will

touch that one and it will go back to

normal the way your iPhone or iPad used

to be and thanks for watching and

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