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How to get rid of your timeshare for Free | Should You Buy a Timeshare?

I finally got rid of my timeshare sad

yet exciting at the same time let me

show you how maybe you can get rid of

yours for free like I did let me tell

you my experience and what I did and

maybe I can help you out I bought my

timeshare in Pagosa Springs Colorado

in 1985 at that point the maintenance

fees that you get to pay was two hundred

and sixty-five dollars now I went to

Pagosa Springs had the first week in

January had the same unit every time it

was beautiful beautiful countryside and

also a very nice timeshare it was with

Fairfield at the time and which later

got bought out by Wyndham okay so I went

there several years enjoyed it and had

no problems with it at all long as I

went to it it's kind of like anything

you own as long as you use it it can be

a very good thing but when you don't use

it and you have to pay money it's never

a good thing

so kind of what happened is I've had it

for all these years now and I've just

been basically paying the maintenance

fees and the problem with timeshares is

if you want to get rid of them they are

very hard to get rid of if you look on

the internet there's some people suggest

getting a lawyer to try to get out of it

which would be very costly I get things

all the time in the mail that say hey

let us help you get rid of your

timeshare come to this little meeting

that we're gonna have in your area and

see how we can help you though the

little information that you'd get in the

mail that says hey come out and see how

we can help you we're always interesting

I always felt like they were gonna rip

me off so I never went to them I never

enquired about them so I went and

decided that I'll look on the internet

see what you can do and like I briefly

said you know people say lawyers you can

hire people that will try and sell it

for you

and hope you can get something out of it

and or at the very least just get rid of

it now I'd be lucky to get anything out

of it so if you go to like eBay and look

some people will sell for a dollar some

people might get a few hundred dollars

out of it and I say good for them if

they can get anything out of it that's


the problem with selling them is that

you're giving somebody a bill okay so

let me explain a little bit about my

maintenance fees you may be in a similar

situation this might ring a bell okay an

85 maintenance fees or 265 we are in the

year of 2018 I just paid them at the end

because I pay in December at the end of

2017 my maintenance fees were now eight

hundred and twenty five dollars so it

went from 265 up to eight hundred and

twenty-five dollars okay then I've been

part of our CI which is resorts

condominium international this whole

entire time I mean that was my choice to

stay with that and that gave me the

ability to be able to trade with with

her in the United States or you could

also trade somewhere else as well but I

did a few times in the United States and

anyways that gave you the opportunity to

do that the problem with it at least

nowadays is not only do you pay about a

hundred dollars a year to have that

service when you go and trade you're

looking at a couple hundred dollars

minimum to three hundred dollars just to

train so now you're into it about a

thousand dollars if you trade because

you know I mean I can go to Pagosa

Springs every year and as nice as that

is it might be nice to go somewhere else

for a change too so my first step of

action to cut my cost was I no longer

did RCI and that was just this year for

the very first time I did not renew my

membership to RCI because I figured I'm

not using it anyways it's been years and

years since I've used this thing I have

it there's no point in

and that saved me $100 right there okay

I did pay my maintenance fee because I

don't want to ruin my credit and so I

went and paid the maintenance fee for

last year and my plan was once I got

that maintenance fee paid then I'm going

to get rid of this so that is what I did

so I wasn't sure how I was going to do

this but anyways I heard about a program

now keep in mind this may not work for

you I don't want to give you the bad

news it might work for you and it might

not the first thing that I would do

because I don't know your circumstance

and I don't know what company you may

have purchased your time share through

the first thing that I would do would be

to contact the company and see if they

would be willing to take it back now

they may buy it back or they may give

you nothing but it doesn't matter in a

way well it does but it doesn't matter

if you're just trying to get rid of that

nasty maintenance fee and that was what

my goal was so I contacted the company

now I bought through Windham well like I

said Fairfield but Windham bottomed out

Windham has a program called the

ovations so if you happen to be with

Windham ask about call them ask them

about the ovations program and ask them

how do you go about giving your

timeshare back you're interested in

doing that now there is one little

problem I'm just trying to tell you all

the good and bad things about this there

is there still could be problems even if

you're with a Windham it's still not

gonna be a guarantee that you're gonna

be able to get that they're gonna take

it back

fortunately for me mine was one that

qualified to that they want that they

would be willing to take back there are

some that they're not interested in so I

wanted to take advantages of this as

soon as possible I did not waste any

time they sent me the information via

email I FedExed it back to them it's

been over a month and I finally got that

letter that I was showing you in

male the other day that basically says

that I no longer own it and that they

have now taken ownership of it the

beauty is it cost me zero with the

exception of the cost of mail that I

chose to use FedEx and Mail at FedEx but

other than that it cost me nothing I

didn't have to come up with my paperwork

all I had to do was take their paperwork

that they sent me print it off email go

have it notarized I signed it I sent it

back FedEx and waited for their response

and so now I am officially no longer a

timeshare owner now that's happy news to


I mean the sad part is look at all the

money I paid for the thing there's no

way that I got anywhere near the value

out of it that I put into it but on the

flip side I'm not gonna keep putting in

eight hundred dollars plus actually I've

been putting over nine hundred dollars a

month a year I'm sorry a year into this

and not using it there's no point even

if you use it I think it's expensive and

I don't want to be forced to take a

vacation every single year though I love

vacations a lot of times the problem

that I ran into is with our CI is when I

tried to get places like I go to

Disneyland the last time I checked on

Disneyland their comment I live in

Arizona their comment was would Palm

Springs work for you

Palm Springs that's like halfway between

here and Disneyland I might still drive

from home if I'm going to do that so

there's been a few instances when I've

tried to get something and I'm not able

to get it anyways so then you know

unless I go to Pagosa Springs every year

then I'm kind of stuck so I am thrilled

to have this nightmare over with it was

a good thing let me tell you I had great

experiences and it's it was wonderful

when I went but when I didn't go and

paying those fees and all the money I've

just thrown it away in the away

you know I'm not gonna regret having to

do that every single year and it always

comes at a bad time because the

maintenance fees are always in December

around Christmas time not that there's

any good time to pay but you know it

always came at December so that is kind

of my story and briefly is it worth

getting a timeshare well here's the deal

if you want to be locked into something

for your forever basically I mean one of

the selling points is you can will it to

your family well that was another reason

I wanted to get rid of it I don't want

to have to give this to my family or and

have them give them an automatic bill so

that was as much as anything why I

wanted to get rid of it so I'm glad I

took the action glad it worked yeah did

I get any money out of it no no I got

nothing out of it except I now don't

have to pay a yearly bill and come up

with money that I don't have and put it

on credit cards and be in debt for it so

I don't know if this has helped you but

somehow I hope that it has so my

recommendation in a nutshell is contact

the company that you bought it from and

see if they're willing to take it back

hopefully and I hope you can hopefully

they'll be willing to do the same thing

that I was able to do and you can be

free of that nasty maintenance fee from

here on out and quite honestly if I want

to take a vacation like I go to

Disneyland at least once a year

sometimes two or three times a year I'll

go pay the hotel fees are the hotels

that I stand is nice isn't the timeshare

is absolutely not but all I care is a

nice place to sleep that's really all I

need the time shares are the one that I

had was basically like a house it was

beautiful and so I don't need that when

I'm at Disneyland because my main thing

is go and be at the park all day so for

me I am happy I got rid of it and I hope


this information is helpful to you and

hope that you can do this the way that I

did it if by chance that you're able to

do this or if this has been helpful in

any way or if you have any comments

please put the comment put a comment

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please share this if you know if

somebody that's stuck in a time sure

maybe this will help them I'm not

guaranteeing anything I'm not

guaranteeing that this is gonna help you

or not help you but I did want to share

this information because I've been going

to get rid of this for the last at least

year and I'm a person that wants to

doesn't want to but tends to put things

off and the more I put it off the more

I'm gonna pay and I knew that I just

paid so I figured now is the time to act

let's get rid of this thing let's get it

over with and move on with life so I

hope you enjoyed this video and we will

see you next time bye guys