get rid

How to get rid of ingrown hairs, razor bumps, scars and dark spots EASY!

so i can't find the thing that i use

so i'm just gonna have to put a picture

on the top or

put it somewhere i don't know but okay

i'm gonna start off with one of the

things that i use

is this right here

and i use that for my top page my top

part right here

i use it for right here only and

because i don't i don't go near where i

use i get

the razer phones i don't i don't use it

nowhere near there

so i only do my top pace for that and i

use the other razors let me show you

these razors so i have two different

razors i use these razors

for my lip part and down you know by my

butt crack or whatever wherever you use


and i use these they are venus

sensitive value pack of six

it's kind of ripped but that's the ones

i use

and i don't use the other razors because

they either cut you

these are so like i haven't cut myself

yet thank god because when you do cut

your lip that don't hurt okay i don't

know if i'm the only one

but it hurt oh the cream should be last

right yeah okay is this

an electric razor it's flawless legs

that's what it's called


i use this for my v-line

and only my v-line that's where i get

the razor bumps that's where i use it

wherever you get the razor bumps that's

where you're gonna use it

the electric razor you don't press down

on it you literally go gently go like


and you can pull your hair up when

you're doing it something you stretch

the skin like you pull down

and then you go tell you i you guys

don't understand

my bumps were terrible

so when i found this out and i can

actually go out and wear a bikini in the

beach like a thorn

or whatever i feel comfortable i'm great


this and i think i got this at bed bath

to be on for

thirty dollars so definitely go get you

one it's flawless

legs that's what it's called yeah i

think they have the

amazon walmart uh bed bath and beyond

just about anywhere but i would

recommend this one because it works for

me so i'm not saying

yes i'm saying it's gonna work for you i

believe god yes that's what i'm saying

the creams that i use okay so this one

is called

10 skin

that's what it's called and you get this

at target you can get this at cvs you

can get this at walmart walgreens

whatever i think it's around it's less

than 20

i think it's 16 17. it's the skin's care

solution ingrown hairs razor bumps

shaving and waxing

it's a four ounce i tell you

you use this abs right when you get out

of the shower but when you're like when


directly dry and you put it on

in the spot and you can either use a


or i just use my hand and i put like a

little bit of my hand and then i rub it


all over my area even this plus i don't

have response because you know you don't

want to be squeaky clean okay

so i i put it on it and then

that's what i do first then i let that

dry i don't put on any underwear or

anything afterwards i just let it dry

put the towel around

whatever because i do have a roommate so

i can't really go

but booty naked i wish but i can't


i have two solutions i used to use witch

hazel down there didn't work

used to use um

just about anything and i i would be so

mad because it's like

i want to be mad i'll be depressed

because i can't do whatever the other

girl was doing i couldn't go bikini

modeling i couldn't do this can do that

because i had razorboats

and it was actually a really sensitive

topic to me because people be like oh

you want to go to the beach um

no i'm okay or if i do they're like why

are you wearing shorts or

why are you wearing like a like

something that you wrap around here let

me show you

like this that you'll wrap around



bikini shorts i still wear these to this

day just because i like to

and if your girl didn't like if it's a

last-minute thing and they're like oh

you want to go to the beast

just throw those on you didn't fully

shave hey whatever

but i don't do that you know because now

we got the flawless legs thing

so you can just do this and leave it

only takes like two minutes

okay the next one you need this this

is a lightning cream you need this i

only recommend doing this for

three months straight for two months

straight and do not pass that because

once you do that

this is a bahamian green so

i don't know the word to use just be

safe with it because

i don't know it's just a great thing but

you need a break from certain things

like if you do too many face washes

your face needs a break from face washes

you need to stop doing the creams you

need to let your face breathe a second

like just watering which is just leave

it like that

that's what i do i broke out and now i'm

just using water and witch hazel

i'm not using any soaps or anything on

my face um okay

so this is called caro white i got it

from a beauty supply store or you can

get on amazon but

it's cheaper on at the beauty supply

store it's only 7.99

this is the how many ounces is this

i don't know but if you can see it's



like whatever you can get any size you

want so like i said this is a lightning

cream i use this right when i get out of

the shower after i finish

this one i let this one dry then i put

this one on and i just did i just did

both of them today i do them every day

every morning every night

sometimes i miss the morning so i do the

afternoon and i do the evening but

i recommend you to only do it when you

are fresh out of the shower and you are


you don't want to put these products on

when you are dirty girl no boy no

negative i have been doing both of these

treatments for

about two weeks three weeks now

and my dark spots are clearing up so


my ingrown hairs are gone you know how

you still have some of those um

those scars that will take these both

will take care of that

some people use um face cleansers for

down there to see if it's gonna cleanse

it up

it's not for me it did not and i had

terrible ones

so the fact that i found something that

actually worked and cleared them up and

i can actually go to the beach

and everything i wanted to

say if i get married i want to be able

to have sex in the in the daytime too i

want to be able to have the light on

i don't want to have to have turn off

the light to be like oh babe turn off

the lights um

it's like oh that i want to be able to

you know be beautiful

inside and out and i want to be able to

know that y'all know where i'm going

with this i just want to be able to feel

secure in myself and with razor bumps i

didn't feel secure i didn't feel like i

could walk around if somebody walked in

i would want to cover up real quick and

i was like okay you walking

girl you know what you're looking at i

do recommend these

a lot and i know i'm saying recommend a

lot like i'm freaking a genius or a


i'm just saying that it's going to help


a lot and

i didn't when i was doing these

treatments when i first started for a

whole week i was not shaving

i was not doing the um flawless legs i

didn't do any of that i just started

using these treatments

this one first then this one when this

one dries you put this one on you put it

all over you can put it

in your butt crack just don't put it

anywhere into

too close to your lips because you don't

want it to go inside i don't know what

it would do when it goes inside and i

don't want to know

so you only put on the sides and this is

going to lighten you up

all the way around because you know how

sometimes you get you get

dark spots down there so it's okay i

mean i know

you've been there done that not going


use these down below on your lips

use this for your wherever you have

results you use this

and the other razor you use that for

your base you use that for your base

but do not do not do not do not

use a razor on the spot you are trying

to treat it is not going to do you any


just don't don't risk it

give your body time i'm telling you over

time you are going to start seeing these

differences i said i've seen a

difference in a week

and as bad as mine were i seen a

difference prayer is needed

these things are needed okay so i hope

that helped you out guys

um i'm not african scientist but i know

it works and i know it doesn't work

and i wasn't going to give you guys

anything that wasn't going to work so

you get this at target walmart walgreens

whatever and

all you got to do is look it up i'll put

the description down below

and i really do hope

you guys are seeing the differences if

you guys when you guys start seeing the

differences are you guys watching you

guys have problems or you guys need any

other questions that need to be answered

girl boy comment below and i will help

you out you guys can text me dm

privately whatever i'll put my instagram

and everything below

and i really hope it worked and if you

guys need any other things with hair

products or anything i got you

trust me your girl knows me too because

you do you not see that shine

do you not see those curls

i know you see them if you guys need any

teeth whitening let me just put you on

real quick

hold on but i use

activated charcoal i use it

all you do is pop the capsules put on a

paper towel

your toothbrush brush for three minutes

to five minutes wash your teeth

and you do every day for a week there

you go

so y'all got two and one have fun have a

blessed day and i will see you guys