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How To Lighten Dark Bikini Line For GOOD! No more dark spots.100% works!

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alright welcome so as you can see on the

title we are going to talk about how to

make sure our kitty is pretty you know

saying PSA though don't be ashamed if

you have like hair bombs and

discoloration and all that it's very

normal to have with being a melon ated

queen or king if you are going through

this it's all good

but I have found some ways on how to

make mine look better it's definitely

not perfect but we get in there so let's

go ahead and talk about it so number one

you have to have to have to exfoliate

girl I used to be hella lazy and eat

like my aesthetician would always say

you got exfoliate I will look at YouTube

videos you got exfoliate I just never

wanted to but it's definitely worth it

um the more you do it the better off

you'll be basically you're getting this

like skin dead skin off which helps with

brightening but like your pores will

have skin go over it and then it will

cause you to get ingrown hairs which

would then cost you to get bumps and

stuff so go ahead and do that I use a

sugar scrub that I get from Whole Foods

this sounds like lemon citrus essential

oils and it's just sugar so do leave it

in the shower do it on pretty much every

day sometimes like every other day but

really easy to do

wash your kitty and screw up number two

you have to keep your badge dry

and I'm saying this because I wear

leggings and workout a lot and like I'll

sweat down there and then I would like

just be wearing the same stuff and

that's not good so I don't recommend you

like using powder like baby powder I

hear that that can cause cancer but just

wipe yourself up like if you feel like

you're sweating down there it's

summertime if you're a pool wearing like

swimsuits and stuff and it's wet take

that off or go dry yourself up I have

like these pads that my esthetician has

given me let you use witch hazel you can

use wipes whatever the case may be you

just got to make sure that you don't let

like the moisture stay on your badge cuz

that's how like bacteria gets trapped

and that is a no-no so Holy Grail ten

skin if you haven't heard about it if

you don't know now you know you're

welcome go to Amazon right now and get

you some this is so good for ingrown

hairs razor bumps all that really good

for like I said wiping yourself up when

you're like moist down there just it's

like a quick quick clean you know if

you're not removing your hair I

recommend you removing your hair I'm

just thinking like if you don't remove

your hair you're probably not getting

these issues but maybe you are but first

and foremost I feel that you should be

removing your hair that will help you

see the actual situation going on

I do recommend waxing I do Brazilian wax

you're just fully all the way off one it

it creates the illusion of it being

lighter because the dark hair if it is

pulled from the root like you're seeing

your actual skin complexion if you are


and the hair is still in your skin

you're still gonna see darkness it's

also a way to exfoliate your waxing so

it's taking off some of the dead skin I

recommend sugar wax but if you can't do

it just make sure that like you're

communicating with your esthetician on

your concerns and they should be

recommending you ways on helping the

situation as well with that being said

if you cannot wax I recommend you

getting using a new razor like every

time or removing the hair making sure

that you're using some sort of like

lubricant do not do it with just water

like I've heard deep conditioner or like

conditioner is really good coconut oil

if that doesn't break you out a shaving

cream but just make sure that whatever

you're using that you are very clean

down there and once again after you

remove the hair you need to scrub um

last thing this balm calm once again go

on Amazon get you some this is a

lifesaver and it's drastically changed

things for me

the banish'd PF b plus chroma bright

this is just about ten dollars to well

just like the ten skin this is so good

use it like twice a day and you

literally start seeing like your skin

peel like it's doing the damn thing

highly recommend ten out of ten

that's all I have for you I really hope

that your kitty gets prettier we are all

in this together the best thing that we

can do is just work on a baby and if you

guys have any tips leave them below once

again thank you so much for watching and

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