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hey guys it's Randa and welcome back to

my channel comes to my channel if you're

new in today's video I'll be giving you

guys a few tips on how to prevent razor

bumps and how to cure razor bumps if you

already do have some it saw some very

easy natural tips so yeah if you like to

find out about these tips and just keep

on watching this video so I wrote these

tips in the notes of man so the first

step is to wax instead of shame when you

shave it's almost like you're pushing

your hair follicles back into your skin

look if you think about it like you're

shaving but some of those hair follicles

are curling right back up into your skin

which creates an ingrown hair this a

razor bumps I try to whack some more

than you shape because waxing is just so

good for getting all the hair up

preventing razor bumps which is so much

better for your skin in my opinion the

next tip is to not wear tight clothing

so this is kind of like the same thing

as shaving so when you wear tight

clothing it's like you're pushing that

hair follicle right back into your skin

oh my

after you shave maybe like a couple days

later and then you start getting those

prickly hairs back that's the time when

you get those ingrown hairs and it's

like pushing back into your skin because

the tight clothing is just like

compressing against it it's basically

just like moving that hair back into the

skin not like you never have to wear

tight clothing just don't wear it as

often so like tight underwear try to

wear looser underwear or like loose

shirts because high clothing is just not

good for letting your skin breathe and

also is just like pushing that hair back

so the next tip is to exfoliate so

important to exfoliate because

exfoliating is basically like helping

with dryness got my Brazilian wax and

here's the video right here so if you

like to see that it's really funny the

wax lady told me that it's important for

me to exfoliate afterward because it's a

key factor in preventing a grow hair so

make sure you exfoliate whenever you

like wax or shave but when you exfoliate

make sure you don't do it every night

try to do it maybe like two times a week

or like a people shave if you do it too

often if you cause skin inflammation and

irritation of the skin and personally I

recommend not using a brush because a

brush is just so harsh on your skin so

you can get one of those like full

clippings and they go

oh my gosh I don't it's not for the food

I don't think it's gonna look good just

get an exfoliating bath sponge that's so

funny to me

um but yeah that's better for your skin

rather than using like a big brush and

like such a sensitive area so so they

have different exfoliating gels

I don't exfoliate that much with

expensive jails sometimes I just use

like special kinds of soap

personally I don't do that because I

don't really need to do that I don't get

you're growing hairs as often anymore

next thing is Alan Mary Jo and witch

hazel so I mentioned this in my video

that I just posted yesterday so you guys

can check this video if you would like

to this one is about preventing redness

and how to get rid of dark spots on your

skin Provera witch hazel are really good

for curing razor bumps because they

reduce swelling and also they're really

good for something the skin but you know

like when you get a razor bump you have

this big bump and sometimes it can swell

really bad so I would recommend today

like aloe vera gel top or if it's really

red put witch hazel tops up and then the

last thing that you could do if you had

a razor bump is just putting like a rag

on top of your crazy bump I wouldn't

make the Redax super duper hat I would

probably use like lukewarm water make

sure it's a good temperature for

reducing swelling and not like adding

more swelling by the hotness of the rag

so that's it for this video I really

hope these tips were helpful for you

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