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HOW TO: Prevent and Get Rid Of Razor Burns!

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so a lot of you guys wanted to see my

tips on how to prevent and how to treat

razor burns so if you guys want to see

what they are keep watching let's talk

about prevention my first tip is one of

my favorites because not only does it

help prevent razor burns it also

prolongs the life of razors I like to

dip my razors in some alcohol to help

sanitize them and to help get rid of the

stuff that gets stuck underneath the

blades you only need a little bit and

this tip helps make your razors last

longer too

tip number two I know that I've probably

used razors longer than I'm supposed to

but this actually makes razor burns

worse so always remember to throw away

old ones and these fresh razors to keep

those razor burns at bay

next up shave in the direction of hair

growth by shaving all over the place and

in all directions you're more likely to

get ingrown hairs so keep it in one


one of my best tips is to apply a cold

compress to help close the pores and to

limit any pain of razor burns tip number

five forget expensive shaving cream and

use hair conditioner instead and always

remember to shave when your skin is damp

and warm so hop in the shower get warmed

up and after a few minutes then start to

shave now let's get into some treatments

if you have razor burns one of my

favorite natural remedies is using apple

cider vinegar apple cider vinegar is an

anti-inflammatory so it can help with

flare-ups you want to make sure you

dilute it before applying on so here I'm

just going to add one tablespoon of

apple cider vinegar to a cup of water

stir it up and then apply it to any

affected areas with a cotton ball it's

super easy cheap and natural for the

next treatment tip I'd like to dab a

pea-sized amount of salicylic acid to

the area it helps dry up any red bumps

and can help speed up the healing

process and last but not least tea tree

oil tea tree oil is an antiseptic so it

can help kill bacteria and reduce any

infection alright guys that's all for

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