get rid


you know till this day I still remember

the first time that I broke the rules

I was in fifth grade called it my friend

Christine after school you got the goods

cysteine had snuck into her mom's

bathroom and had taken band-aids shaving

cream and two razor blades because

against our parents will we had decided

that we were going to try to shave our

legs apparently every other fifth grade

girl was doing it so there we were and

it was basically a disaster we had no

idea what we were doing we didn't know

which way to go

or how it worked and so I was thinking

about that the other day and I realized

I don't think anyone actually taught me

the right way to shave so in this video

I'm gonna compiled some tips and tricks

I've been looking at magazines and

Pinterest and whatnot and thought I

would share with y'all some things that

I've learned about the best way to shave

in regards to like skin care and

avoiding razor burn etc so let's get

started to start out with you want to

make sure that you have a sharp razor um

using dull razors or old razors this is

what's going to cause you to get razor

burn and cut and whatnot so I like to

have a fresh like sharp razor every time

that I shave so I get a new one about

once a month which leads me to my next

point right now I'm using 99 cent razors

which is a website where you can sign up

for like a subscription to get razors or

you can just buy individual razors from

the website and I was super pleased with

the quality of the razors for the price

I think it was like 295 with shipping

they have razors for him and for her my

third point is it really helps whenever

you exfoliate before you shave and after

but this just helps get rid of all the

dead cells or like dead skin so that

whenever you shave you have like a

really clean surface and wherever there

or like you know points in your in your

skin where they may be like fold like on

your knee or whatever I like to pull

that like kind of taut and then also

shave in the direction of the grain

I don't know if that's weird for me to

say um I know it's not as close as a

shave but it's not like you know people

are gonna be like feeling your legs

that maybe they are this is the

exploiter I use this is the flake way by

scope and glory

I love this because it smells really

good too it has a very perfume me scent

not into perfumes or your skin is really

sensitive this might not be the best for

you but I love it because I'm killing

like two birds with one stone and I

smell pretty good afterwards my next

point is it's really important to use a

shaving cream I just get like a generic

shaving cream usually I might have

splurged a little bit on my last trip to

the grocery store but this is a pure

silk rich and luxurious shave cream and

it starts out as a good gel but then

foams into a foam and so I really like

it because I also used to love playing

with shaving cream actually really

matters what type of shaving cream you

get there are all different types I got

the one for dry skin just because in the

summer my my skin tends to get a little

bit more dry so it has a lot more like

aloe and vitamin E which is really good

for healing your skin those were two

things I always look for in my shaving

creams like I said making sure that you

shave in the direction of like how your

hair is growing like not the opposite

direction will help a lot as far as

getting razor burn I like little bump

use so this is the moisturizer that I

used after I get out of the shower after

I shave and this is the righteous butter

let's see a body moisturizing formula so

virtuous you might swear it's wearing

velvet wow that's such a great way to

describe this because it actually does

feel like you're wearing like your skin

feels like velvet and like I said I use

99 cent razors so here is the one that's

for girls and here is the razor that is

for boys all right now these are my

favorite because they just work when I

was reading on Pinterest and all these

other articles a lot of people said that

they use deodorant on their skin after

they shaved I don't really know why I

just thought I would tell you that I

thought I was interesting I hope that

y'all enjoyed this video I know it was

really short and to the point but you

know there might be some people out

there that maybe they snuck and shave

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