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How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps on Bikini Line


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straight into it so the summertime is

here and us ladies sometimes we deal

with razor bumps on our bikini area it's

super annoying you don't want to look at

it when you're wearing your favorite

bikini and you just like yeah razor


I give me embarrassing you don't want to

be seen with them so I'm going to give

you guys a few tips and tricks on how

you can clear up your bikini area so

you'll have razor bumps and like how to

prevent them so first thing I'm going to

definitely recommend is natural remedies

so what I like to use

alifair chill so as soon as I use like

any type of hair removal I'll use aloe

vera gel 100% natural I like to use the

one from Trader Joe's I'll actually grab

a bottle so you guys can see it okay so

this is the one that I use it's the

trend shows aloe vera gel body

moisturizer if you apply this directly

on to your bikini line area it helps to

soothe the area calm it down less

irritation it'll help to raise your most

but if you also have a razor bumps this

is definitely good to help start

clearing them up aloe vera and it just

basically helps to calm skin calm the

irritation and help clear it up and then

also I like to use tea tree oil so I

have the Trader Joe's brand as well tea

tree is very good as well for helping to

clear up those razor bumps so basically

sometimes I'll just dilute it with a

little bit of water then I'll pluck to

the car ball fly it on to the area or

sometimes I actually like to mix the two

of these they make a great

I'll apply it on the area every day so

that's hard to it every day probably

after my shower at nighttime I'll apply

it so it's sitting on my skin overnight

so can really work and get the benefits

of what it needs to do and then I'll

start helping the clearer your skin once

again the tea tree oil helps with

irritation redness and I'll just help to

clear up your razor box so the next

thing I like to use as well as like a

turmeric paste are people that like to

pronounce it turmeric salt take 100%

natural turmeric mix it up with a little

bit of water and until it creates a nice

little paste and I'll take a cotton ball

swab or a q-tip swab dip it into the

turmeric paste and apply it onto the

area let it dry and then sleep in that

overnight and then we wake up wipe it

off and that also helps to like shrink

the razor bugs and all the irritation

it's also really good if you have any

acne on your skin you can create that

paste put it on there and it helps to

clear up your acne as well and then my

last recommendation is cortisone and

telling formulas definitely good and

helpful for razor bumps it helps with

irritation redness and all that stuff

and helping to calm it so you're not too

irritated down there so yeah definitely

if you want something that's not an au

naturale and then definitely check out

cortisone so I hope you guys found these

tips helpful hopefully they'll help you

prevent razor bumps or if you already

have razor bumps

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