get rid

How to get rid of Razor Bumps Underarms

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yeah so guys today we are going to be

doing a diy


yeah diy and uh if you have a chicken


under your hand and if you have a

chicken skin under your armpit

this is a rashes maybe a razor bone or


can call it razor bomb as well so if you

have those things under your hand

guys so this is a remedy

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yeah so guys today i'm going to be

making a whole remedy

for the next chicken skin

remover or something some people call it


female it's for tony armpit skin

but for me i don't really know

but that is for chicken skin if you have

any result bomb

under your armpit guys this is the

remedy for you

so guys so i'm going to go ahead and

what i need the thing i need is just

this one

sorry guys this till it is one i will be

needing pure baking soda

yeah this is pure baking soda it's

really hard to get hold of this thing


no way not every every shop that not

every shop

have it i used to buy this thing in them

in a mini if you want to buy this baking

soda you find it in many

so many have it so i'm going to have it

as a so don't have it so

i'm going to be using one tablespoon

lemon juice

um one tablespoon apple cider vinegar

this is apple cider vinegar this is like


yeah apple cider edit eddy

so yeah that is the punishment the

approach i have

apple cider vinegar so that is it so

guys what i'm going to do right now

i'm going to take um put this aside

i'm in my bathroom now guys sorry so

i'm going to squeeze one one

one tablespoon out of this lemon juice

out of this lemon

one tablespoon like so

for the lemon really it really really

really works

it's it's really really helpful you know


one tablespoon apple cider vinegar

i'm going to take

this is my the baking soda the baking

soda when you buy it

is a in back of it they will they ask

they ask to write dates because you have

to use it for 30 days

if it's not if it's not that if it's

more than 30 days

is uh expire that's what it's so however

my the most the date and the year so you

just write it

when it's and when the dead one is

expired when it's one month you have to

throw it

and one teaspoon


so i'm going to just mix it you see the

way it was

okay i'm going to use it

and then mix it together if you like if

i had

one tablespoon water because if you if

it is too harsh for you

you can have i used to have what i used

to have

water sometimes but sometimes i don't


hard so i'm going to say one tablespoon

one tablespoon baking soda

yes that's one sorry guys this is i used

to make this more small so i would just

use it for

like like one day or two days you know

very hard just to

use it

because i like to make it and finish it

and this one i will do for like

two days guys remember one one

tablespoon baking soda

one tablespoon lemon juice

one tablespoon apple cider vinegar so

when you want you can add one tablespoon


to it if you feel like if you want if

you think maybe it would be too ash

on your skin i'm not going to add any

water i used to have water

no i don't have any water i'm not going

to be having any water so i'm going to

use it like

this you can see this one

so guys i've been using this for more

than two weeks now

it had been really really good really

really good

hi guys hey hey this is me this is


yeah yeah

yeah did you guys love my the way i do


man what is it called any

when you have you guys like the way i

put it around my neck

yes guys so i'm going to take this thing

this is the mixture i just

make so i'm going to take my conti pad

two like so two

so i'm going to take one

i'm going to dip it in there in the

in the vinegar and the lemon juice

mixture in my mixture

like so

so i'm going to take my put it in my

armpit so this is where i used to

use it guys my armpit is really really


i don't know where why is really really


anyway since i've been using this thing

some people said it's a

is for bleaching it's for bleaching skin

you haven't told my skin to anything yet

it's still like that


so guys why uh

when i'm done with the rub when yeah so

i just finished rubbing it i'm going to

wait for like

10 to 15 minutes when it dries when you

get dry then i'm going to

so i'm going to wash it when it's dry

you know

the first time start this this

whole remedy yeah i have to really

really wait for 20 minutes

when i put it i will wait for 20 minutes

guys um guys i'm going to show you guys

my when i start when i ever start before

and after i'm going to show it to you


now my armpit is really good you guys

can see it it's really good it's it's


i don't know why is that i don't know

it may be uh this thing is for bleaching

it's for lighting on the hand

i don't think so this thing is not for

lighting other hand for me

my work for other people for light


for like lightness for like bleaching


bleaching under your arm because it

might work for some people

but for me guys it didn't work i've been

using this thing

for more than two weeks my armpit was

still like a bit

he take all the blemishes the the

chicken skin he take it out and that is

why i really i really really

start that's why i started using it and

you take the

the blemishes out the stick the chicken

skin everything

good out and there is just only the

dusting and

so that's why i think that this this

they don't

make your underarm light so it's not for

lighting skin

so for me for me i'm talking about me

it didn't make under my hand light and

swami is going to is

is for lighting for me maybe this mother

too is

it could have just it could have been a

little bit

better than the way it look like but

anyway i love it like this

is under um other harm is that any part

of the body

so other um done there is darker than

any part of the body

so yeah i'm really happy about the


that the blemishes say is a it's not

look at the

the the and this it really it was really

really scratching me

and this thing i've seen the daughter

about this say this my

armpit this is my under um but the there

is a cream with the dot all right for me

i use it

it didn't work so yeah so i

found this one and uh i did my research


youtube i know that so i found this one

so i decided to try it

and this one really really really worked

guys it really worked

because it didn't lighten my under hand

so that's why

for me it didn't work for lighting it

might work for you

you can try it for for lighting under

your arm for me

it didn't like it just take out the

blemishes and i love it the way it is

is my hand on the arm supposed to be

darker than the

every part of your body you know when i

start this thing i do it for every day

when i started the

the first week i started i do it every


every day every day when i when i notice

changes is the changes is coming when i

notice changes

then i start doing it like three days in

a week

yeah but now now like um

after two weeks then i started using it

like one day two days

in a week yeah it's really really

working and then we make under your ham


and they will not make that smell no way

somebody is sweating that's me

that smell with that although yeah i can

cut this thing deodorant

as well yeah yeah yeah yeah that's what


notice about it yeah you take away the

blemishes and take away the smell

like like you know every if you sweat

you know that's me

no if you try this thing you you would


what to try so guys i will show you my

i will show you before and after i

already have the picture

i'm going to show you but i don't know

i'm going to show you to you guys when i


my shower um i don't really know so guys

you can give it a try

yeah i've been seeing this thing around

youtube i've been looking at it

but i have i didn't try it i was just

looking what

can this do what can this do that this

do something for me i really like the

way it worked for me but it didn't

bleach me under my hand it didn't make


he didn't make under my hand lighter he

didn't make under my hand lighter but he

make it

it take away the blemishes so i love it

like that you can try it

at your own risk yeah use it at your

house at your own risk

yeah you know anything you have to risk

a trap

how good how it's going to turn up

what's going to happen

so it's good to try this you know please


just try at your risk thank you guys for


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bye yeah i forgot to make sure that guys

when you put it

in a you see what i miss it on

if you have something that half cover is

really good

so i used to put it in a in a container

when i finish making it like this i put

it in a container i use it for

two days so when is three days i would

throw it

if it's too much if it's not much i use

it for two days or one day

use it and finish it yeah so if you use

it if you make it like

a lot like fertility you just put it in


in the cotton and so in there something

that have cover that is hair tight

you just put it on it and cover it so

my you can put i don't know if you can

put it in the fridge sorry guys i don't

know about that i used to put my

in my bathroom here when i finish mixing

it i just put it there

i use it for two days dinner

it's over