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How to get rid of razor bumps| How to get rid of razor burn| How to clear up razor bumps video

what up there's your boy Dooley aka mr.

dude work I am back again with a quick

right to the point how to get rid of

razor balls a lot of you guys have dealt

with ingrown hairs bumps maybe you went

to the barbershop and they're clippers

wasn't clean so then later on when you

got home you felt irritated and next you

know you broke out with bumps I got a

suggestion for you and actually I feel

like it is the one thing I have

experienced that's changed my life and

as soon as I use it and rectify the


am I getting paid by this company and is

trying to help you fellas know we have

the same problem so I want you guys to

see right here a little irritation a

little irritation in here a little bit

I'm trying to grow my beard back and

sometimes for certain guys your hair is

curly so sometimes it grows in his


causes irritation causes puffs but I

have the formula for uses and check it

out and if any of you guys saw my video

on magic shake I briefly talked about

this company Patrol it says on the back

congratulations we have in your hands

the secret weapon guys like you

everywhere used to get rid of ugly or

bumpy I agree kids a secret weapon no

children I am NOT playing that's why I'm

showing you this the night before and

then tomorrow we'll see how much this

has changed sometimes it takes two to

three days however inevitably it works

trust me when I tell you so you will see

what this looks like

I'll put this one tonight before a

little bit I'll show you how a plant

matter friend

and then tomorrow this looks like an

even why miss them and my skin should


good morning this is the morning after

this is what I was talking about as you

can see I line myself up I used a little

bit of magic shave up top here and then

I used my Clippers to just touch up the

line and so as you can see already it

looks better looks a lot better than it

did last night bum Patrol is amazing let

me wash my face get the ash in this off

so you can see the actual



your crispy refreshed look hope this

helps you guys hey make sure you

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it show you boys