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How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs and Dark Marks On The Bikini Line | PFB Vanish

hi everyone its Aisha both here and

today we're going to talk all about

ingrown hairs razor bumps and managing

that bikini line for the summer



as you know summer is finally underway I

don't own the East Coast in the New York

City area and we finally started getting

some warm weather so you know what that

means time for the beach and the pool

and one thing that I absolutely hate is

my bikini line like I love wearing


I love getting cute bathing suits for

the summer but my bikini line is in

shambles the reason is because I've been

shaving a lot like throughout my life

I've always shaved my bikini area I've

had a few waxing moments here and there

and I've also used some creams in the

past but as we all know waxing is so

expensive so of course I've resorted to

shaving most of the time and that's like

my bikini line so I have so many razor

bumps ingrown hairs discoloration and it

honestly it makes me feel a little bit

insecure when I'm at the beach or the

pool not that anyone's that close so my

vagina which I hope that's my boyfriend

but I you know like it's still something

that I notice and especially now with

bathing suits kind of going up a little

bit more than they used to they're

bringing back the style from the 90s I'm

just seeing it so much more and I've

really wanted a solution and I've tried

a few different at home remedies even

after waxing I still noticed it and

recently I came across a brand PFD

vanish and PSP vanish they have a number

of different products meant for

correcting and healing the skin whether

that be your bikini line your underarms

your chin area wherever you have any

discoloration or any types of razor

bumps their products do the trick so

after reading so many amazing things

about PFE finish I had to get some

products myself so the products that I

got were the PSP vanish ultra and the

PFE bikini mask so the PSP bikini mask

is what I put on to my bikini area right

after shaving this bikini masks help

soothe the area and it helps to prevent

it from creating any ingrown hairs it

kind of stops it right in its tracks and

also if you shave I'm sure you

understand sometimes when you've shaved

down there you start to feel a little

bit of stinging tingling it's just

really sensitive after you shave so this

bikini mask helps with the sensitivity

and then also helps to fight any ingrown

hairs or razor bumps before they even

get started so I generally like to put

this on usually in the evenings asked

directly after shaving and as for the

PFP finish ultra I like to use this well

the first time I use it I actually used

it after shaving and it's done in a

really nice done but only for three

seconds and I'm not lying to you my pant

threshold is really really small like I

don't play I'm a big wimp

which is another reason why they're

collecting as often and it literally

stops stinging after three seconds and

it actually has not some sense even if I

put it on directly after shaving like if

I forget to put this on or I'm just like

I don't know I'm just in the mood to

just go straight to this it doesn't

stink anymore I think it only stunned

the first one or two times that I put it

on anyways I put this on at night if I

have not shaved or if I have not put on

the bikini mask and I like to put this

on actually twice a day so when I take

my shower in the morning I'll put this

on throughout so it goes on throughout

the day and then I will put this on also

in the evening before bed so what this

product does is it corrects heals and

brightens the skin in your bikini area

so what I do is I roll this on on to the

bikini area and then I just let it air

dry and seep in so while I'm putting on

lotion brushing my teeth washing my face

doing my hair while I'm in the bathroom

I'm just letting it dry on my bikini

area and then I put on my underwear

afterwards I saw results within two

weeks I started to see results I started

to feel my bikini area getting much

smoother after four weeks

I saw the dark marks start to fade but

again it's very smooth no ingrown hairs

no razor bumps I'm just so happy that

for so long I've been looking for

something to get rid of this issue down

there and this is actually doing the job

it hasn't completely cleared up the area

just yet but it's well on its way I know

that within the next few weeks I should

be pretty much good to go which I'm

really really really happy about so one

of the key ingredients that the peony

Vantage ultra uses is salicylic acid and

salicylic acid if you haven't heard of

it before is an acid that's in a lot of

different acne and exfoliating products

it's really great for going in

unclogging the pores and releasing any

blockage or build-up with oils that form

ingrown hair is it

underneath the skin so having it in a

product like this is perfect because

what it does is it stops the ingrown

hairs from the source it clears them up

and it also helps to prevent them from

happening because it clears up any

blockage so that has made it great that

with that said that also leads to some

peeling so my skin down there after

after around the four week mark I

started to notice a bit of peeling so I

cut back a little bit on my usage I try

to use it at least one to two times a

day I go in between I don't use it two

times a day every single day just to

give my skin a little bit of a break and

a breather so it doesn't so it doesn't

peel as much as it was my


even ears stems from shaving waxing or

any type of hair removal in which the

hair is cut unevenly so what happens is

there is a lack of its natural

exfoliation within the skin so there's a

buildup of oils that creates a blockage

and from there the ingrown hair then

forms and it causes a bump underneath

the skin that kind of looks like a

pimple and can sometimes really hurt so

what was happening to my bikini line I

don't know if it happens to yours as

well is after shaving I either wasn't

using the correct right blade or I was

shaving too quickly

and it caused my hair to be cut unevenly

and then it stopped the natural

exfoliation of my skin so it caused a

bunch of bumps underneath my skin and

some sensitivity down there and after

all the years of having these razor

bumps and ingrown hairs that then

started to produce dark marks in the

area which I absolutely hate and I'm

really upset about so I've been looking

for a product that could help remove

those dark marks and also prevent any

ingrown hairs or razor bumps in the



outside amusing PFP vanish a great way

to help prevent razor bumps is shaving

properly using a correct razor shaving

in the right direction and also

exfoliating the skin prior to shaving

and afterwards so I actually like to

exfoliate my skin on a regular basis I

try to exfoliate my skin at least every

other day that just helps to open the

pores and keep everything unplugged so

after exfoliating the skin then I now

move it I'm a stickler about using

shaving cream I know I know there are

some of us who do not use shaving cream

I am a culprit I have gone without using

shaving cream in the past and it's not a

good idea I know that other products

like conditioner or shampoo or soap can

I guess make the blade go a little bit

easier but at the end of the day they

make shaving cream for a reason so use

some shaving cream so slather on some

shaving cream and then with your razor

make sure you have a razor that has a

minimum of three to four blades that way

you can get a nice close shave and

you're not going there scraping at your

skin because you have a razor that only

has one or two blades

I know those ones are cheaper but they

really are not that great for your skin

so trust me as someone who has the

battle scars to prove it get a razor

with 3 to 4 blades along with using a

razor that has 3 to 4 blades make sure

that when you're shaving that you're

shaving in the direction that the hair

grows so generally when it comes to our

bikini lines our hair is growing

downward you know is with the way that

the hair

smoothly so do not shave in the opposite

direction not only is that going to cut

your hair and evenly which we just

talked about in terms of creating

ingrown hairs but it's also going to

cause some irritation and that is a

surefire way to get yourself some razor

bumps and ingrown hairs so make sure

that you shave your hair in the

direction that it's growing and that

will help stop any irritation and

prevent you from getting an ingrown

hairs or razor bumps lastly after

shaving or waxing make sure you're using

some type of product to bring moisture

to the area again you don't want to try

to clog the pores but you want to keep

that area nice and moisturized so the

hair follicles can grow without any

blockage and again great product by pfb

vanish is their bikini mask and this I'm

telling you it helps to just soothe the

area and comment so that you can prevent

any type of razor bumps or ingrown hairs

in the future there you have it those

are my tips on managing your bikini line

for this summer I absolutely love these

PFP vanish products and they have done

wonders for my bikini line so I highly

recommend them if you're interested and

if you have the same issues as I do as

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