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SHAVING "DOWN THERE" - Tips & Tricks (no bumps or cuts) Jessie B

hello my beautiful friends and welcome

back to my channel my makeup and my hair

have been done all day so if they're

looking a little bit rough and a little

bit messy and whatnot then that is why

so I'm sure you guys can all tell by the

title of the video that today we're

gonna be talking about shaving your

downstairs shaving your vagina shaving

your cookie shaving your meri shaving

your fairy whatever you want to call it

that's what we're gonna be talking about

today when I done mais that for bikini

try on haul one of you guys actually

commented asking me to do this video and

quite a lot of you guys gave it a thumbs

up so I was like you know what I'm gonna

help my girls out I'm gonna help my

girls out because a few years ago I

really could have done with this video

like I mean I really could have done

with this video I went through years of

struggling with how to shave my bikini

line and getting really bad razor rash

that and burns getting caught getting

sores all these nasties we get down

there when you don't know how to

properly shave and I think I have

finally mastered the art of how to shave

my bikini line without getting razor

rash without getting burns without

getting caught well getting all these

little nasties that we get down there

when we're shaving wrong so I thought

I'd share with my girls and have some of

you out because I know how frustrating

this can be I really really really do

this subject might make some people feel

very uncomfortable but it is such a

natural thing like every single human

being grows pubic hair some people grow

a lot of people hair some people grow

very little pubic hair some people grow

near to none and so we're all different

but we all do grow it so you know it's a

completely normal thing to talk about

shaving is a very personal choice like

it's completely up to you like some

people don't like shaving some people

don't shave at all never remove their

pubic hair some people like to shave and

it makes them feel clean some people

just don't like having any body hair on

their body and some people do it for

their boyfriend or their spouse or their

lover we all have different reasons for

shaving or not shaving me personally I

just don't like having body hair on my

body and that's just me the only body

hair I leave on my body is my arm hair

and that is it like I just hate having

body hair I just feel a lot cleaner and

I feel better in myself when I don't

have a lot of body hair so you know

everybody has their own personal

preference and that is absolutely fine

so I've got a number of tips for you

guys and

though tips that I use every single time

I shave my bikini line stash my vagina

and these tips have honestly saved me

like absolutely saved me so the first

tip I have for you guys is to pre trim

your pubic hair this is so important now

this is more in regards to if you have a

big Bush or you haven't shaved down

there you know in quite a number of

weeks or months you know you've been

maybe neglecting it a little bit if your

hairs are quite long and you need to go

in and trim them before you start

shaving because if you don't pre-trimmed

those hairs

you're gonna clog up your razor you're

gonna cut yourself and it's just gonna

be a nasty messy situation that we want

to avoid so make sure you pre trim those

pubic hairs second tip I have for you

guys is to soften the hair follicles by

taking a bath or a shower now this is so

so so important and I feel like this is

a step that some people tend to just

neglect I just don't really bother doing

if you dry shave you are going to get

irritated and you are gonna get inflamed

there is no avoiding them red lumps and

bumps if you are dry shaving you need to

let the pores open and let your hair

follicles really soften so what I always

do is if I'm having a bath or a shower I

will shave my bikini line last like it

would be the last thing I will do a

mistake that a lot of people make is

they'll just get in the shower and

literally just start shaving their

bikini line or their vagina and that is

the worst thing you can do like if you

get straight in the bathroom and the

first thing you're doing is shaving your

vagina you are gonna get irritated there

is no doubt about that you need to let

the area soften and you need to let

those pores open so make sure you do it

last so tip number three is going to be

our biggest Saviour and what we are

going to use to actually shave with so

we're not going to use shower gel we're

not gonna use shaving cream we're not

gonna use conditioner I hear a lot of

girls saying that they use conditioner

to shave their vagina but this is one of

the worst things you could probably do

because if you're using conditioner it

could very easily be throwing the pH

balance of your vagina off which is

something that you really do want to be

avoiding as if your pH balance is off

you are much more prone to infections so

what I actually use to shave my bikini

line with is something you've probably

not heard anyone say they used before

and it's also something that you have in

your house okay and this is what has

saved me

okay - guards - guards - so what I've

been using for a couple of years now is

olive wood yes I said it

olive oil the one you used to cook your

food well yeah that's right you know

yeah that one so this is just extra

virgin olive oil this is just the olive

oil that we currently have in our house

but any olive oil is absolutely fine you

don't need to be buying the extra virgin

because I know extra virgin is a lot

more expensive but this is just what we

currently have at home

and so yeah this stuff is amazing

amazing so what I normally do is I will

just get a little bit of this you

literally need the smallest amount as

well like a teeny tiny bit go such a

long way with this stuff so what I'd

like to do is I will just pour a little

bit in my hands I will rub my palms

together and then I will basically just

like soak the area in olive oils so like

anywhere I want to shave like I know

some people just like to shave like the

bits - oh and some people like to do a

whole vagina job which I like to do you

know I like to get rid of everything

everything I don't like anything you

know going on up in there so I would

soak my whole vagina basically in olive

oil and and I will just let that soak in

for about a minute or two because you

don't want to go straight in and shaving

because your hairs wounds have soaked -

op' yeah so what this is going to do

it's going to really soften your hairs

and get them really prepared for shaving

and something else it does is its also

moisturizing the area while softening

the hairs so it's basically like a

two-in-one it's absolutely amazing so

tip number four is what razor we're

going to be using so I would highly

highly highly recommend using a man's

razor so I have used every possible

razor out there over the years for

shaving my vagina out of my bikini line

and let me just tell you they're all

absolutely crap

I've tried disposable razors I've tried

women's razors I've tried them all I've

tried like really expensive ones and

most of them are absolutely crap and

they're gonna cut you and they're gonna

hurt you and you're gonna get a razor

are you probably wouldn't think it but

what race are you using really makes a

world of difference so the one that I

have found and come to absolutely adore

is this one so

a Gillette man's razor so it's the

Gillette Fusion 1/m and these are

disposable heads so this is what I love

about this razor so basically all you

ever need to change is the head of it so

this is always perfectly fine so

basically there's a button on the back

and you just press that and the razor

head comes flying off and then you just

click a new head into it like it's so

easy used and these heads last such a

long time like they're amazing so the

newer the razor you're gonna use the

better of an outcome you're going to get

so I would highly recommend using a new

razor if you're you know very new to

this I am and you're not very sure about

what you're doing because if you're

using an old razor you know bacteria can

get clogged up in there and you know the

blades can become dull and all these

things will affect whether you're going

to get razor rush or not and especially

if the blades are dull and aren't very

sharp anymore and a lot of the times

that can lead to ingrown hairs so make

sure you are using a fairly new if not

brand new razor you're also gonna want

to make sure that your razor has three

plus blades so you don't want to be

using a razor with two blades even three

aren't great

so this razor actually has five blades

and it is incredible so I would highly

recommend using a razor with four or

five blades to get the best outcome so

now your bikini area is going to be all

nice and moisturized and the hairs are

gonna be really softened because the

olive oil has been on there for a couple

of minutes so now what we're gonna do is

basically we're gonna make our skin flat

and make sure it's tight basically this

is quite hard to explain but basically

what you're going to want to do is and

make the skin tight if the skin is loose

you are going to cut yourself so what I

mean by that is basically make your

bikini line your vagina as flat as

possible basically what you want to do

is like pull the skin up so the area is

as flat as possible if you don't pull it

up you are a lot more likely to get

caught and raised the Russian stuff

because if skin is loose it's harder to

get a very good close cooked shave if

you know what I mean so tip number six

is going to be how we're actually going

to shave our pubic hair okay so what

we're going to want to do is we're going

to want to shave slowly and gently okay

if you're shaving in a rush you are

going to get irritated and you are going

to cut yourself you need

be very careful when you're doing this

because I vagina is such a sensitive

delicate area so what you're gonna want

to do first is shave in the direction

that the hair is growing so you're gonna

want to shave down do do do not under

any circumstances just go in and start

shaving upwards because I feel like this

is the problem that a lot of us girls

make because that's what I always used

to do areas like your legs and your

underarms if you are is just going ahead

and shave and upwards there's nothing

wrong with that because them areas

aren't very sensitive or delicate

whereas with your vagina you need to

shave in the same direction as the hair

so what I like to do first is I will

shave downwards so I will shave my whole

vagina downwards first okay so once I've

shaved downwards I will go ahead and put

a little bit more olive oil on the area

just to make sure the area is constantly

soft and moisturized and ready to be

shaved so then I will go ahead and go

side to side so I will shave side to

side very gently and carefully and

slowly and if after shaving downwards

and side to side hasn't gotten rid of

all the hairs and you're still not quite

happy with outcome and how it's looking

you can then go ahead and shave upwards

because I always do after I've shaved

downwards and side to side I will shave

upwards because there are always a few

hairs that you just cannot get with

shaving downwards or side to side I know

a lot of people say not to shave upwards

at all with your vagina but I always do

and with using all these methods I never

have a problem with it and I always get

a hella smooth pretty flawless looking

for Jay Jay so you know so what you're

gonna want to do once you've got rid of

all the hairs and you're quite happy

with how your vagina's lookin you're

gonna want to go ahead and clean the

area so you're gonna want to go in any

body wash or whatever you normally use

to clean your area preferably unscented

because scented things can irritate you

down there and lead to infections and

stuff so you're gonna just want to clean

the area to make sure you're getting rid

of all them dead skin cells on the

surface and this will also help to

prevent ingrown hairs so the next thing

you're gonna want to do is you're going

to want to close the pores so whether

you want to just get a cloth and soak

that in cold water and just hold it over

the area or whether you want to just you

know turn the shower to cold

and rinse the area with cold water

either or is absolutely fine but you

need to ensure that you're closing the

pores because if you don't that can lead

to nasties your nurse

so then you're gonna want to gently Pat

the area dry pat pat pat I cannot

emphasize this enough do not rob the

area because if you're robbing the arrow

dry you are gonna get irritated you are

gonna get inflamed and you probably are

going to get ingrown hairs because you

know the area has just been shaved and

you've just been added a lot so you need

to kinda like to breathe now so just

gently like Pat just patting patting so

the next thing we're gonna want to do

once we get out of the shower and

vajayjays all dry we're going to want to

get a little bit more olive oil and just

apply that on the area so we're just

gonna rub that in and basically what

this is gonna do is it's just going to

keep the area nice and moisturized and

yeah I cannot stress the next tip enough

so once you're out with the shower and

your vagina's shaved and you're all

clean I know you're gonna be so tempted

to reach for that sexy little song of

yours because you know you're feeling

all sexy and whatnot but don't do it

don't do it so the type of underwear you

need to be reaching for once you have

two shaped your vagina is an underwear

that's 100% cotton so probably some big

granny pants granny pants you know the

ones that completely cover your bum and

completely cover your vagina and that

are 100% cotton what the cotton is gonna

do is it's basically gonna allow your

skin to breathe and recover and in the

process preventing ingrown hairs which

is something we want to be preventing

please do let me know in the comments if

this worked for you and if you tried out

these tips and how you got on because

I'd love to know if they work just as

well for you guys as they work for me so

yeah thank you guys so so much for

watching I hope you guys enjoyed this

please give it a big thumbs up if you

did as I helps know so much I love you

all so extremely much and I cannot wait

to see you all in my next video what bye