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HOW TO GET THE PERFECT BIKINI LINE! no more red bumps or ingrown hairs!

hi guys welcome back to my channel I

hope you are doing really really well

she's so cute what you doing so a couple

of weeks ago one of you guys left a very

sweet comment on my one of my videos

asking me to do a video on how I deal

with my bikini area it got quite a lot

of thumbs up and a lot of other people

commented being like yes please do it so

here is that video so today I'm just

gonna be sharing with you guys my hair

removal routine specifically for the

lady bits

that's the lady bits area I we're gonna

call it that okay

the lady bits area it's a thing what's

happening sharing with you all of the

products that I use to prevent and get

rid of bumps and ingrown hairs and just

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me over on social media I'm at Gwen quiz

on Twitter and Instagram okay so without

further ado let's get started I want to

just firstly do a little disclaimer

because I just feel like social media

kind of sucks sometimes so I want to be

straight with you guys that um there's

no such thing as perfection the title of

the video is just to make it sound

cooler so people watch but like my

bikini line is not perfect it has lumps

it has bumps as per all the rest of me

and I guarantee you that nobody has like

perfectly baby smooth skin unless

they're a freakin baby okay so like it's

totally normal to have bumps but these

are just gonna be my mic tips and my

tricks to prevent it as best as possible


so first of all I've actually gotten

laser hair removal in the vagina area um

which has really really helped reduce

the amount of hair that I have to deal

with it only works on darker hairs

though and even though like pubic hair

like mine is dark a lot of the hair down

there is also like white blonde

especially on like the lips and stuff

like that so I still have a lot of hair

I have to do with basically and it also

only got I think maybe four or five


and apparently you need more than that

to actually get rid of all the hair so

there's still a lot of hair it's just it

has helped to minimize it and like I

definitely think at some point in the

future I'll probably want to get a few

more laser hair removal sessions in that

area thing is with laser hair removal it

is not cheap so I think I got a package

deal and it's probably varies depending

on where you go but where I went I think

I got five sessions for like six hundred

dollars and that clearly was not enough

like I need more probably like another

five it seems so um yeah it's a great

idea it's something to think about it

might work for you but obviously it's

it's expensive in a long-term like thing

that you have to do basically with laser

hair removal if you've never really

heard of it it's essentially like

penetrates the follicle of your hair and

makes it fall out permanently over time

so eventually you won't have any hair

grow it's a great idea and it works

greatly for so many people so I did want

to mention it and obviously just like

let you guys know that I have had that

know how it does definitely help but I

still have a lot of hair and so I still

need to remove it in some way so I like

to do this with shaving now I know that

there are lots of benefits to waxing but

in my experience not only does it hurt

like like hell like oh my god I think

it's horrible but I could maybe suck it

up and like go with it the only thing

that reason why I'm really like I don't

like waxing is that you do have to let

the hair grow back to a certain length

before you can get it rewatched and for

me I just I'm not down for that like a

little bit of downtime of hairiness in

between it doesn't float my boat it

might float yours though but yeah I just

I prefer to remove my hair with shaving

because I can do it every day or

frequently and have a smooth surface

whenever I want one so I'm gonna run you

guys through my shaving routine the

first thing that I always do is to

exfoliate the skin this is something

that for years when I was younger I had

no clue and so I was getting so many

bumps and ingrown hairs so it no shame

of you didn't know this because I did

not either but you have to exfoliate

down there it's so so important so I

would really suggest exfoliating the day

before so I don't know what your

lifestyle is like or what you're doing


I know for me some days nobody is going

anywhere near there and so totally fine

it's a little bit hairy like whatever so

on those days I just like to exfoliate

the skin and then the day after I'll do

a shave if that doesn't work for you if

you're like in a hurry and you really

need a smooth skin at least try to maybe

exfoliate a few hours beforehand and

then re hop in the shower to do your

shaving so Y totally a ting is so

important it's essentially is removing

all of the dead skin cells to give you a

smooth surface to work with if you skip

this like I said you're pretty much

guaranteed to get bumps and ingrown

hairs and other like little knacks and

stuff that you uh I'm assuming you do

not want if you're watching this video

so yeah exfoliating is key so there's

tons of different exfoliating products

that you can use I'll just show you guys

what I've been using for years and

really personally enjoy and you will

have seen this before because I use it

for everything this is the lush ocean

salt face and body scrub I am obsessed

with this it's my favorite exfoliator

that I've ever used I do definitely like

you guys know I get sent a lot of beauty

products so I do use other exfoliating

products but this is definitely always

gonna be my favorite and it's not sent

to me as well as mm you know this is

like true love I'm obsessed with this

and have been using it close to 10 years

if not 10 years so long time I love this

lush ocean salt so this is what it looks

like oh it looks gross because it's

getting to the end but if you google

like what it looks like when you first

get it's all blue and pretty and looks

like the ocean it's just like fun

basically there's a lot of like big

chunks of sea salt that you use to

exfoliate along with other product in

there that just helps to also moisturize

and things like that

but I absolutely love this it's vegan

and obviously lush is also cruelty free

but these ingredients are began it says

that so I would definitely recommend the

lush ocean salt and I just take a

generous scoop not a ton because I like

to try to conserve so what I do to kind

of get the most out of it is use an

exfoliating love now this is still wet

and from the shower don't judge me if

you could tell but yeah you can get

these for anywhere the drugstore online

on Amazon I think I got these for like a

set for like 10 bucks or something like

that like I said of like 6 or something

so you can get them cheaper in certain

places the dollar store has them so yeah

I just live for exfoliating myths I find

that it just allows you to really get in

there and get a lot of foliation out of

a product like this what

isn't it so the cheapest so using a

glove in conjunction allows you to

really get your money's worth and just

cover a lot of surface area so just go

to town be kind of gentle low like your

skin especially in that area is really

sensitive and I also don't exfoliate

this I'm not an expert but I don't

explain it like my lip area because I

feel like that part is so sensitive but

like the pelvic bone like leading down

there area I exfoliate like crazy and

also like around the kind of side of

your legs in like butt area I go

exfoliating but I'd like leave my lips

to like chill um maybe they'd be fine

with it I just they seem like so gentle

and sensitive I don't want to go crazy

on them so yeah but definitely so liate

a few hours before if not a date the day

before why I say to kind of leave a

little bit of space in between us

because you want your skin be able to

kind of soothe like um chill out after I

don't know how best to describe this but

just I find if you exfoliate and then

you shave right after you're being kind

of harsh on your skin so giving it a

little bit of time to kind of calm down

in between I think it's a good idea but

again as with everything I am NOT an

expert and then what actually comes time

to shave the skin if you can only know

sometimes we're in a hurry but if you

can kind of do it as your last step

after you've like done everything else

in the shower

that way you'll give the skin time to

kind of soften with like the warm water

and steam from your shower more more

than likely I mean I was doing you have

a kind of warm shower if you have a cold

shower I'm jealous because I know it's

actually better for like everything I

just I can't do it

anyways yeah trying to do it as your

last step so the skin has this chance to

kind of soften and get a bit more porous

it's a good idea but again I don't do

that all the time because sometimes you

just don't get the time okay so to

actually shave what I'd like to do

firstly were this is my razor now um

this is the pers preserve shave v racer

it's supposed to be like made with

recycled plastic and stuff like it's

supposed to be like better for the

environment and it's also all vegan and

cruelty-free I'm fairly certain that

most razors crazy way videos are out I'm

fairly certain that razors are all like

vegan friendly and aren't tested on

animals however there is some sort of

like feeling about like for instance

like Gillette even though

might not test their razors on animals

they still test all their other products

that they make on animals so that is

something to consider I know everyone is

different but yeah I really like to

preserve line I like everything they

stand for also another thing that even

though the razor might be vegan a lot of

bars or a lot of razors will have like

those little moisture bar strips which I

admit they are very very nice but they

are more than likely made with an animal

product so yeah just this is basically

what I like to use and there's probably

a million other vegan friendly razors

but yeah I like to use the preserved

ones it's cute and you can just replace

the razor and the blade rather than

getting a full new one which I feel like

it's a bit better for the environment as

well this is the packet it comes in I

kept it just so I could show you guys

but yeah that's cute let's see what it

says five blade cartridges lubricating

strip with cocoa butter and aloe

compatible with preserve shave five

replacement blades like I said okay so

the handle is made from at least ninety

percent recycled number five plastic

which i think is kind of cool and then

yeah no animal testing so yeah basically

this is the razor thought i'd like to

use it's cute it does the job but i know

very little about this kind of stuff

this is just what i do and then in terms

of shaving lotion i feel like this is so

key and so essential to getting a smooth

glide and just preventing any kind of

Nicks or anything any cuts have from

happening is to use some sort of shaving

cream or lubricant so there's to it I

like to use that's form there's two

things that I really like to use now

there's one also one product that I

loved so long is the kiss my face

moisture shave four in one that product

is a godsend but from everything I've

been hearing it's been discontinued kiss

my face why did you do that I don't get

it I don't know all I know is I can't

find it anywhere and it's sold out

everywhere and just seems to have

disappeared off the face of the planet

which is so dang depressing because I

would have stocked up if I had known it

was gonna happen however I have found a

nice alternative that I really like

possibly better it might just because my

only option but I do enjoy it so this is

what I like to use almost out this is

the dr. Bronner's organic shaving soap

this is the unscented kind I have also

used I think the mint one and the

lavender one I just for all the rest of

the parts of your body a scented one

great for the mint one and your lady

butts area it gets tingly it feels funny

and also you know you're not supposed to

do anything like scented or perfumed in

that area because it is so sensitive it

can mess with the vagina pH I mean that

all really confuses me I don't know but

I just know that unscented is better so

this is the one I like to use I'll

include a little clip but it's so messy

I'm not going to include it here but

it's this like brown liquid that kind of

splits out and then you kind of rub it

onto the skin and then go to town with

shaving basically when you're shaving

you're also shaving your skin too and so

if you don't use a good shaving lotion

that creates like a nice slippy kind of

surface then you're more often and more

than likely going to end up irritating

your skin as well as removing the hair

which obviously we want to prevent so

definitely I would suggest using a

shaving lotion so all you need to do is

apply a very thin layer to the area that

you want to shave thin is also key

because if you use a really thick one or

if you're using a foam or anything like

that if you can't see where you're

shaving your more you're gonna go over

at a few times like you don't really

want to do that you want to be as gentle

do one purposeful motion over each part

of your skin because the more you do it

the more you're getting your taint your

skin which again we don't want and then

this is sort of I have no research to

back this up and from what I've

researched it's actually maybe not a

good idea but this is what I do so I'm

just going to tell you guys I usually

shave in a few different motions um

maybe my area is just weird but I don't

think so I'm sure we're all a little bit

like this but like some of the hairs

just grow in different directions so I

kind of at this point I kind of know

where everything does so like the hair

and like the outside of the pelvic bone

girl was like outward so I always kind

of this doesn't make sense but I kind of

shaped like in a different angle all the

different places they have different

angles that they need to get like the

smoothest closest shave so play around

with that um maybe I don't want to tell

you guys to do anything because I'm like

I really don't know what I'm doing but

this works for me okay so I like to do

random kind of angles depending on the

area and things like that and for some

areas as well like a shaving technique

like around the lip

that's tough because it's sensitive and

can get cut so easily I do very tiny

little little motions rather than one

long glide over your lip because I feel

like it's just down don't end up with

cuts and a cut on your vagina lip if you

have not experienced that you do not

want to experience it basically it

doesn't matter feel good so yeah just

nice boop motions um seems to work for

me but again I think it might just kind

of depend on I kind of hair you have

growing there and the direction it grows

in yeah basically go to town on the

shaving try to be as gentle and as you

go so we can and definitely use a

shaving lotion to prevent any kind of

cuts or bumps or anything like that and

then now afterwards if you are prone to

bumps which I am I feel like everyone

must be but if you're not like you do

you clean that's amazing but I'm not

like that I bump I bump easily

essentially so I always like to use some

sort of after product to help prevent

and get rid of any of those ingrown

hairs and like bones and things like

that so usually directly after shaving I

won't do this again I like to let the

pores like closed up chill out for a

little bit maybe like an hour later I'll

do this and this is a new kind of

product I found maybe like a month ago

but I'm so obsessed with it it is so

freakin good so I definitely recommend

it this is the Jack Black they also make

a shaving cream that I accidentally

bought too many when I was giving my

boyfriend one and using it on my legs

and really liked it so I would also

recommend their shaving cream if you

can't get the dr. Bronner's one but it

was this is the Jack Black bump fix

razor bump and ingrown hair solution

with size 2 like acid aloe leaf and

organic chamomile so it kind of looks

like and has the same kind of solution

II texture it's basically a liquid so it

reminds me like a toner that's it so i

basically pour a little bit of this onto

a little cotton pad or also the reusable

cotton pads as well work well and then

just apply like a thin layer to all of

the areas that you have shaved and it

really really helps to I guess it sort

of exfoliates it it just prevents once

I'm coming and gets rid of bumps like

this works so so so so well I would

really suggest it another one that I

don't have but I've

so heard good things about it's the

post-shave elixir my herbivore

botanicals I've used other things by the

herbivore botanicals so I would suggest

that as well I'm sure it's amazing

because like I said I have read a lot of

really good reviews and really wanted to

get it I just think it was hard to get

in Canada I think you can get it from

the Sephora in America but I couldn't

for whatever reason but you can

definitely get this in Sephora in Canada

in America

therefore in other places I don't know

but yeah I would really recommend the

Jack Black it is so good the whole line

everything I've tried from Jack Black

and everything that I forced my

boyfriend to use of Jack Black really

good would suggest yeah I like it a lot

and then another thing for in-between

and like maybe an hour something after

you applied the Jack Black product it's

also always good with all parts of your

skin to keep it moisturized but because

the area down there so so sensitive at

least mine isn't some years - you wanna

use something that is gonna be very very

gentle but still hydrating so what I

would suggest and what I think is the

most budget-friendly as well as just

using coconut oil plus I'm hearing a

little tub like a little container from


and I stopped this in the bathroom you

could also use this whenever I run out

of shaving cream use this just apply a

layer it works really well as well and

definitely budget-friendly but also for

when it comes to moisturizing I like to

use coconut oil as well because it's I

mean it has a scent but it's a natural

scent so my skin at least does not get

irritated by it it's so freakin

moisturizing and hydrating coconut oil

is good for everything including the

bikini line area I would definitely

recommend it but yeah I definitely

keeping that area moisturized and smooth

especially to kind of protect it from

like any fabric if you have fabric

rubbing I know that some high school can

get like chafing I think it's called you

know ting mean I don't really I don't

experience that it may be I'm just lucky

but um if you do definitely try like

moisturizing to kind of prevent that and

also just smooth the skin out hydrate it

hydrating and exfoliating is basically

the key to removing any kind of bumps or

ink groans and things like that yeah and

then while you're at it cover the rest

your body with coconut oil and then if

your guys anything like my cat they'll

love you for it goes with make a lick

you all day because they love coconut

oil least miss River really likes

coconut well she's right behind me why

can't what yeah okay I guess that's all

I have to say this subject

I feel like this video turns out to be a

fail I I mean with everything you guys

this is just normal girl and her routine

I ain't an expert on anything especially

not shaving but I try um so yeah I

really hope that this helped you guys

and answer some of your questions for

those of you who are requesting this

video let me know if you liked it if it

helped or also any of your own tips and

suggestions or products that you like to

you so we can all help each other out

but again I just want to reiterate like

there's nothing wrong with having a

little but a hair down there or with

having some bumps like it's so normal

and if anybody makes you feel otherwise

anybody you're trying to get in bed with

for instance we're seeing that area

makes you feel like that is bad then um

I would Harbor guests that they might

just suck but I don't know yeah okay oh

so yeah please give this video a thumbs

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to you again very very soon bye