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How to Get Rid of RAZOR BUMPS & INGROWN HAIR FAST | Face, Body, & Bikini Area Hack

say goodbye to those razor bumps so long

suckas hey tree pictures I'm Rob and

this is on the cheap tip and today is

Thursday I why now summer is right

around the corner somewhere amongst

these gray clouds that I see every day

it's a little depressing yeah

and when summer finally does come we

tend to shave and trim our body hair a

lot more especially for you ladies in

the bikini area or men some of you guys

might want to wear a mankini guys we

don't judge but sometimes when we shave

especially in these very sensitive areas

we get irritations and razor bumps which

suck well today we're gonna solve all

that because I'm going to show you a

really quick and easy way to get rid of

razor bumps and prevent them for good

you want to know how let's get started

so the first thing and really only thing

that you're gonna need to get uncoated

aspirin now aspirin is pure salicylic

acid and salicylic acid helps to reduce

any irritations and it also helps to

exfoliate your skin to help release any

ingrown hairs which causes razor bumps

now you already might be saying why do I

have to get uncoated aspirin uncoated

aspirin is going to be able to break

down better so that we can make a

solution and it's cheaper too it's like

87 cents or something like that so all

you're going to do is take a few

aspirins put them in a little ball and

add a little bit of water to that mix it

around and as you mix it you're going to

notice that it breaks down rather

quickly that's why I say to use the

uncoated aspirin just say after I

complete shaving all I do is dip a

cotton ball into the solution and dab it

on to whatever I tend to get razor bumps

if you do have a little bit more

sensitive skin or you're using it in a

sensitive area like you know down below

there you may want to dilute your

solution a little bit with some pure

aloe vera gel you could use it from the

plant form or you can use like 99% pure

aloe vera gel I would just go more on

the natural side if you can now you want

to leave this solution on at least until

it dries I usually wait about fifteen to

thirty minutes and then I rinse it off

the reason I rinse it off is because it

is acidic and it could tend to dry out

your skin however if your razor bumps

really severe and you want to use this

treatment overnight I would use the

solution with the aloe vera gel just so

it's not as harsh on your skin and if

you feel like you need it from day to

day you can use it pretty much every

other day I would say after you use the

solution I guarantee you your razor

bumps are going to be gone or at least

much better than they were so you're

welcome anyway that's my whole tip I

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