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How to make every Ingrown hair go away | Black Men’s Skincare Routine

I'm so embarrassed and I like really I'm

like really sad now hey what's up guys

so I'm outside Starbucks right now but I

want to give you guys a final update on

my Chen situation and ingrown hairs

basically I'm gonna walk you guys

through what happened and how I fixed

getting rid of my ingrown hairs so I

thought you know sitting in the Sun and

showing you guys like a real look at my

skin right now it's doing so much better

than what you're about to see so I'm

super excited to share this video with

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it sucks I had to go through this for

you guys to make a video about but I

think this will help a lot of people so

if you have ingrown hairs down here you

have rough dry scratchy itchy and good

hair type beard area this videos gonna

be great for you let's go ahead and just

jump right on into it this video is

gonna be addressing all of those problem


so yeah let's jump in it hurts so bad

I'm so embarrassed

like really I'm like really sad now hey

guys so much for bad and I just want to

show you guys what's going on with my

chin is doing a lot I don't know if you

guys see the damage but it's so bad and

I feel like crawling under a rock cuz

like there's just so many bumps like my

skin has never been this bad so because

I've been exfoliating so much since I've

had these breakouts I've been using this

pre-shave oil from scotch porter and

this is really good because it's for

sensitive skin it has safflower seed and

seed oil in it and a lot of other good

stuff like avocado oil and these other

things but I've been using this to

moisturize my dry in road hairs because

I've been exploiting them so much so I


like a dot of this and just run that

through it softens it up oh it's doing a

lot better but the main thing that I'm

doing is just letting the hair grow out

instead of like picking at it or

anything like that all right guys so I

want to show you guys how I'm taking

care of my England hairs as you guys can

see it's doing so much better so what

I'm doing is basically taking some of

this cool fix solution it's for England

hairs razor bumps razor burn and redness

so you can use this after you shave or

if you've shaved and you've got England

hairs because I'm taking about this much

and I'm literally smearing that all over

so because the cool fix dries out my

skin I like to follow up with the

pre-shape oil by scotch importer this

reduces Nicks and abrasions this isn't a

pre-shave oil but I mix it with rosehip

oil and do this as kind of like a

aftershave aftershave so it just really

hydrates my skin too like my skin really

soft ins up so like my skin actually can

heal so I'm doing is just taking that

and smearing it all over as you guys can

see my skin is doing so much better it's

a lot more smooth and the hairs are

really just kind of starting to subside

like there's not a lot of raised bumps

anymore so this is gonna probably be the

last day of this and then I can go on

into fixing at the discoloration and

like spot treatment so this is what it

looks like after I've applied a 5%

benzoyl peroxide spa treatment for acne

and I do this just to really get rid of

any of the big like bulging bumps and I

really just Pat them in so I can leave

the house pretty much all the endowed

hairs are gone by following those couple

things I know this video is kind of like

personal but you know a lot of

go through this ingrown hair thing so I

didn't want you guys to really have to

deal with that like I did so hopefully

this video gave you guys a little

insight to how I treat ingrown hairs and

how I fixed it as you can see it's so

much better like so much healthier like

it looks so much more manageable and

livable like I can touch it now as

before where it was like bleeding and

scabbing and gross this can now be

treated and now I can go after and

target the hyperpigmentation which is

the dark colored areas that you see but

as you can see there's no in veneers now

and it's super exciting

it sucks I've had to go through that to

make this video but it's just really

goes to show you what some good products

and some really good ingredients will do

for your skin so thank you guys for

watching make sure you guys hit that

subscribe button I will see you guys on

my next video