get rid


what's that mean again it's your girl

Jana and I'm back with another video as

you can see from today's turnout a

little bit giving you guys tips on how

to get rid of ingrown hairs bumps and

dark spots and all those stuff after you

shave and if you want to know

information on how to clear that up real

quick on the budget then keep watching

so I personally only use four different

items it took me a really long time to

figure out what was good for my skin

because as you know from my last video I

have a really sensitive skin everywhere

so I'm just gonna show you guys

basically what I use to get rid of them

and what is very not expensive because

the stuff I have is really just all

under $20 like one of the products is

really expensive but that's it and as

you can see I have two of the products I

did show you guys in my last video these

are the two things I use I feel like the

most but I'm gonna go ahead and go one

by one so let me go buy the least one

that I used like the least like I don't

use this one as much now this is a toner

this is supposed to tell your skin to be

the same color you know the regular skin

color that you are because you know you

do get dark spots in places that you do

shave it's possible so this is something

that's supposed to lift up all that and

it says it gently cleanses conditions

pores to maintain clear smooth and

bounce skin without over-drying so this

is something that I use just to tone my

skin down but I really I really use this

anymore because I found better stronger

products for my second product that I

want to show you guys is my dove scrub

which you guys seen in my last video so

my dove scrub this is what you guys seen

in my last video this is what I use to

exfoliate everything I exfoliate my arms

legs everything I really don't know what

other exfoliating scrub I should use

because I really I'm not really good

with all that stuff yet but this is

something that I use right now and this

works for me for right now maybe I can

get something stronger but for right now

this is what I use

and this was actually about six dollars

at Dollar General you couldn't guess you

can go to the Dollar General Target it's

everywhere and they're about six dollars

um I already showed you guys it'll look

like in the last video but I'm just

gonna go ahead and show you guys what it

looks like again just for the people who

didn't see my last video oh my god is

tripping now this you guys also seen

this in my last video this is a after

son gel with aloe and this is supposed

to cool and moisturize your skin ah like

I said my last video I like to use this

when I get like a mosquito bite or burns

or anything but this is um also

something that you can use after you get

a wax or after you shave now when I want

to go get myself a wax the wax lady was

saying to me that aloe vera is something

that is really good for your skin it

cools it down because you know I could

get a wax if you haven't got one yet it

really burns and it hurts so it's like

painful afterwards so you won't want to

have something to cool it now and I

suggest getting aloe vera even though it

don't matter if it's the plant or just a

bottle itself get it last but not least

I have this tint skin you also see this

in my last video this specifically says

that it's for ingrown hairs razor bumps

and shaving slash waxing is for men and

women so it's not just for females I got

this awesome

tint skin or what I got this off of

Amazon so I got this off the Amazon and

it was about $50 $60 I have to order

some work because my sister has been

using it so it's been going by clickers

and it should you're supposed to use

this twice a day um in the morning and

at night this will I feel like this will

help you get rid of your bumps after

about two weeks or so and you have to

use it consistently like if you use it

every twice a day every single day for

two weeks you're I promise you your

bumps are gonna be gone well for me I'm

not gonna sit there and say I promise

you because everyone's skin type is

different so I'm not sure if it will

actually work for everybody but for me

somebody like me

nothing works for me because my skin is

so sensitive so this is something that

does work and my sister has uses so she

said it worked for her and she's been

using it for a couple of days but for me

it took about two weeks so this is

supposed to get rid of like it says

ingrown hairs and razor bumps and it

will work and you're supposed to just

get like a little cotton ball you're

supposed to just put it on there you

supposed to just dab it where ever you

have bumps it's not just for your area

your private area is for your underarms

it could be for your for your legs or

your arms whatever you have ingrown

hairs raise your bums all that other

stuff you can definitely use this and I

it's on Amazon so go on Amazon and just

type in tits skin you dig what I'm

saying so now that I have all the

products out of the way that I use for

my ingrown hairs and all the other stuff

I just want to talk a little bit about

what causes the ingrown hairs in the

first place what she dude what should

you do instead of shaving now if you

have to shave then just shave because I

mean if you have to then you have to

maybe you're going to the swimming park

or are you going to I don't know but if

you're if you're going like swimming or

something you have to shave you don't

want to be looking a mess and then just

do it if you do shave make sure you get

this because when you shave and he uses

afterwards it will get rid of your bumps

I don't even being bumps will show up on

your skin if you keep using this after

you shave and when you do shape I do say

that you have to shave downward and

you're not supposed to shave over that

one area more than once because it's

supposed to if you do more than once it

will irritate the skin I don't know how

to explain it really good that much but

I do know what I'm talking about okay I

know I'm not talking about but the hair

basically it gets chopped underneath

your skin and it's trying to I think

it's just trying to poke through the

skin and it just makes it red and itchy

and bumpy and all that other stuff I

really do say get a wax if you can get a

wax get a wet and

another good tip that I wanna put up

there is get the app called a GrubHub I

think it's called group hub let me look

it up because I don't want to give you

all the wrong information I don't even

have the app on my phone cuz I got

another phone and it wasn't backed up

none of my apps or photos were backed up

so now I don't have anything Groupon

it's called Groupon hopefully you guys

can see that but it's called Groupon so

I say get that out because if you get

that app and you lick it up on Groupon

you can just get everything for a

cheaper price basically this is that app

that basically you can just get coupons

off of this council on so that's where I

get all my waxing information from I go

on there and I just look up waxing

places in Indianapolis and they just pop

up everywhere like they just have a

whole list of places that are doing you

know like a little discount thing now I

don't think ok so say if you goes to a

waxing place from Groupon I don't think

it will always be on Groupon I think

they just have it on there for like a

specific amount of time I'm not sure

because the waxing place that I used to

go to it's not on there anymore so

that's not I'm assuming so yeah I say go

on their pricing is very very expensive

and so if you want to get a price I say

it ranges from maybe thirty five to

forty five dollars on Groupon even

cheaper than that so that is one of the

another tips I have for you guys going

group on get your waxing appointment set

up and um oh yeah I forgot to say this

but another thing that I used to do when

I did shave um was to get a rag and fill

up with really really hot water fill it

up know what does help with really

really hot water you know just lay it on

yourself for a couple minutes it's

supposed to soften your hair so

basically it'll be easier for your hair

to be removed if you use Nair if you

shave or anything like that

waxy I said go acting because I know it

really it really really hurts it's

painful it's a terrible experience but

trust me it's really worth it if you are

trying to get rid of ingrown hairs

because when you wax it literally takes

like two weeks to get rid of or it takes

two weeks for the hair to grow back I

feel like the first time you get it done

it's gonna take about a week for your

hair to grow back but for me when I got

my wax the second time it took about two

three weeks for the hair to fully come

back to be able to get another wax like

you have to wait two weeks to get

another wax

let me have the weight to your hair grow

two inches to get a wax so yeah and the

more and more you get a wax the less and

less it will hurt and eventually your

hair will just stop coming back because

literally when you're getting a wax are

taking the hair out of your pores so

this imagine how long it takes for your

hair to grow out if you keep doing it

over and over again so basically that is

all for this video I keep making short

videos I'm trying to make my videos

longer but it's just not happening that

way but that's all I have for you guys

hope you enjoyed it and I hope this

helps a lot of people out there with

buns ingrown hairs and all the other

stuff I wish I would have known all

these tips when I had this issue and I'm

just trying to help whoever needs these

tips or whatever but that is it for the

video thank you guys so much for

watching and like I said I'm gonna get

the video make sure you like comment and

subscribe to my channel because I will

be posting consistently but yeah that's

all I have for today so