get rid

How to Get Rid of Rattlesnakes

here we've got snake skin you can see

we're applying a repellent along the

side of the building in these tall

bushes where we believe snakes are being

very active we believe that these are

rattlesnakes you can see on the ends of

them that there are places for rattles

so we're just applying repellent as we

go along these areas snakes are very

attracted to places like these because

of the law tall brush and shaded areas

not to mention that there's also high

rodent population here which supplies

their food source and right here

underneath this concrete slab you can

see there's a snake skin leading up to

it this is where we think the snake

dentist and so we're going to try and

set up a trap here later so these areas

along the walls where it splits between

the concrete it's big for snakes to just

borrow down in there get some shade in

shelters so what we've done is we set up

snake traps here again Trin so what

we're going to do is test it by placing

this branch right inside and taking a

picture of the way it's placed so that

next time we come back we can see if

something went in and out of there and

didn't get trapped right along the

entrance hopefully get them while

they're coming out

and also I see this snake just right


and I was like and so I picked it up

bite my finger okay okay