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7 Tested & Proven Ways To Get Rid of Rats Permanently / How To Kill Rat / Rat Trap

welcome to our channel the vips rats are

those obnoxious creatures that can

intrude your home without being welcomed

and turn everything literally into

rubbish for survival

rats require shelter water and if your

home provides these things it'll be a

tough task to get rid of these rodents

but they carry more than 20 diseases and

this could be really dangerous

does the droppings of rats and drawers

and coroner's give you the ease of

feeling if so we have quick fix

solutions here are some home remedies to

get rid of rats 7 home remedies to get

rid of rats 1 ammonia mix 2 spoons of

detergent a quarter glass of water

and 2 cups of regular ammonia in a bowl

place it where the rats appear

frequently since rats can't stand the

smell of ammonia

hence this remedy will do the job 2

peppermint oil peppermint oil can be

used to prevent rats as they can't stand

its pungent smell all you have to do is

dip some cotton balls in the peppermint

oil and place them in the rat prone area

it will surely give satisfactory results

alternatively citronella and castor oil

can also be used or else grow mint

plants around the boundaries of your

home number 3 onions it's very effective

remedy to get rid of rats naturally the

smell of onions is odious to these nasty

rodents just slice an onion and keep it

inside near their holes if you liked the

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subscribe number four pepper the pungent

smell of pepper makes it hard for the

rats to breathe and threaten their

survival simply sprinkle crushed pepper

around the corners of their holes where

they reside

you will notice positive results repeat

this process if necessary

number five baby powder

although this method is not that

effective however you may try it once

sprinkle the baby powder on the corners

and around the rat prone area

this powder intoxicates the rodents and

helps you get rid of them to some extent

number six

bay leaf rats think of bay leaf as their

food and tend to eat it but it actually

kills them but some bay leaves near the

rat prone area keep repeating the

process until all of them are gone

number seven human hair it may sound

weird but rats can't bear the sight of

human hair this could be an effective

way to repel rats clip a few strands and

throw them inside the holes of the rats

or at the places they tend to visit the

most as the rats will eat the hair they

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