get rid

How to get rid of yard rats or house mice- Best method!

what's going on everybody back here with

another video today's gonna be a super

helpful video today I'm gonna tell you

guys how I get rid of yard rats house

mice and I'm pretty sure this'll work if

you have rats in your home as well but

anyways let's get into it so you know

I've tried the little mouse traps or the

rat traps but you know obviously that

can be a hazard to little kids you have

around you other pets and honestly

sometimes especially with rats they

don't work I was looking up and it said

like rats are pretty smart where mice

you know it's kind of easy to out trick

them but the flip side is you know mice

I mean rats are blind or like they

they're a vision or eyesight isn't as

good so anyways I'm gonna go over what I

use to get rid of them and this will get

rid of him in two days guys so we'll go

over here

you first you have to start out with

some oats I'll take that and put it in a

blender I'm using the Ninja you can use

whatever you like then you gotta take

some kind of sweetener or something to

jazz it up for them so you can use

Eminem's cookies

I prefer M&Ms and cookies but I use the

last batch of cookies so I don't have

any of that and then this is the stuff

you really need here this is the thing

that really kills them you get this you

get this 5-minute mud this easy sand

this patching compound right here and

this just hardens up their insides and

it'll destroy him man so what you got to

do what you want to do is take the oats

and the sweetener put it in the blender

blend that up real nice then you want to

take that mixture and take some of the

compound mix just a one-to-one ratio and

you know shake it up mix it up in a bag

and then you want to put it wherever you

think they're gonna be and the way I

will really makes it faster is when you

take some of this you take some sesame

oil and just sprinkle it around the bait

that way you'll see the rest you'll see

the rats within

it's man it seems like rats really love

this scent so anyways yeah let me know

how that works for you in the comments

below I've used this this is how I get

rid of all the rats in the yards I've

already got like three this year it's

because we have woods we're gonna get

rid of that but anyways the only thing

you need to know is they're gonna eat

the bait and they're gonna go back to

where they are and they're gonna die so

you're not gonna be able to find the

body unless you know where their hiding

spot is so there might be like a smell

or something in a yard for about a

couple days or so anyways guys that's it

let me know how it worked for you take