get rid

How To Get Rid Of Rats Forever and Protect Your House From Roof Rats coming back.

hey this property that you see behind me

I purchased in foreclosure husky's was

infested with the bullets and I want to

take you to my journey of how to remove

and prevent this creature from coming to

my property again so the first you need

to find out why it is read and penetrate

to this property and I just want to tell

you the previous owner f2 dogs that were

in the garage and the owner used to feed

them inside the garage

these attract this vet for their food

and the feces and they actually set up

colonies in this spot the first thing I

want to show you is where rats usually

coming to property the first thing you

have to go is to inspect you whether the

gas pipe going to the property as you

can see this is the gas by becoming the

putting of form and a mesh behind that

you don't see it if you look at it very

carefully there was a hole here and look

like know how to climb very nicely they

went to this they went through this gas

pipe and they went inside to the

property for me here what I did actually

to the form behind the form there is a

mesh metal mesh that is the other place

that the usually read especially roof

weights coming is underneath the siding

here they actually claim on this pipe

going inside and coming underneath the

siding here I actually put a mesh a

metal mesh to avoid them from coming in

it's very important you actually have to

check audio underneath siding to figure

out if letter coming or not here is the

garage door you can see here it's locked

before it was not closed very much so

you can see right actually came to this

does and they always can come to your

garage when you open the garage they can

run inside you don't even see them but

you can see also here put the form this

area was actually the regular penetrated

but before this we put form here

already situation I put a lot for the

rats you actually you should actually

put a top in any corner in your property

and this one actually it's all the time

reading the poison it's finished so now

it's for the last three months and

nothing happened really so they're

actually out of this properties forever

the other things is the vegetation here

if you can look at vegetation I need to

college but vegetation attracts rats

that can hide in the vegetation and

coming to your property so I need to cut

this vegetation also this is the mesh

the metal mesh I used to prevent to seal

all the oil in prevent threats from

coming remember let's control almost

everything but not this one metal this

mesh you underlayment cement you can

write on the home depot it's not


I think it's 6.46 per feet very easy to

work with that and it's prevent these

rats from coming in forever

when you cross there all's things you

need to understand you get even if let's

are already in your property you need to

make their life very difficult to


from one place to another and the way I

did it here is you can see look at it

very carefully in this place this is a

fact this is the best five in going from

here to the other page and usually what

happened let's actually follow the gas

pipes because the gates part of a whole

they going through the gates back when

you're going to your house so if you can

see I put the mesh they show you here I

put the mesh here around the pipe of the

air condition okay

I put mesh also here why is that because

let's the rent used to live here inside

the start inside the wall actually make

their own colony inside the installation

is the installation they used to live in

the start inside behind your street wall

and they used to have a colony here let

me show you here there was another

colony there you can see there was

another colony of threads this mesh

avoids them from coming your ever and

doesn't let them go out so when I open

these walls I find couple of lights

better idea so let me show you what I

did here look at that view this is a

mesh everything is the metal mesh around

the pipe water back to you a metal mesh

so that is to avoid them from coming in

forever there is also if you can see the

gas pipe because they're going the going

also the for the guess five to many

places in your property I put the steel

there would still ruling the city still

rule here and I put it here in some

places where they can probably try to

chew it did I also use a form if you can

look at the form there this form is a

special form that read and mice cannot

chew on it it's poison for them so they

have to put it let's go to the next

point where the Reds also penetrated the

poverty we look very carefully there

also they are mesh or oval which instead

like that the property from prevent

these rights from moving to one place or

other and ferment elect to go inside to

the started living in the walls in the

garage you can see there is a water

heater and there if he is a furnace and

wherever I we open the dog video

the reason risk with Reds will go to the

garage they did go to the garage and

they found them deadly bigger odd it's

usually happening in winter when they

actually looking for shelter so let me

show you what I did here first there are

a vulnerable point when that's going

through this is the pike where the

furnace know their condition water

right out can see so as you see I could

also alluminium the instruction

apparently these all here and you can

see actually put here a mesh metal mesh

here on the wall they will never go


it also use the pipe here going to the

water heater you can see a mesh you know

way let's can go outside and visit my

garage here is another the gas pipe here

if you look there there are fish all

oval not allow these legs to coming form

inside or go from outside to inside okay

the other thing is very interesting

unique here if you look at this five

here the water pipe for that condition

you can see a thin layer of aluminum and

you probably wonder why did I put

aluminum here and it is the gas pipe for

the furnace that is also aluminum here

and the reason I put this aluminum a

thin layer of aluminum you very stiffly

bullets can climb on almost everything

for the current clamp on a very slippery

aluminum so it is that avoiding from

actually coming from outside and

immediately go in print like go out the

signature okay

this is the aluminum current they use to

seal the space between the furnace and

the world as you can see these are

displaced suction we attract threats to

run inside and go behind the furnace

they like to go get in first with hot

area and they can move from that place

they can penetrate to the house waking

the working go inside

Lucien you are you can figure out these

it's not only to close all the odds from

the outside which is very important but

you also if there let's are already in

your property you have to make the life

very difficult to move from poverty to

your wall and start living there and get

colonies and the way to avoid that in if

you just go to the bottom

place where pipes and also with going

home your house outside and see that we

get a mesh thank you very much for

watching this video I hope I helped you