get rid


if I've never told you before I love

YouTube and not because I'm a creator

and I get over here and make videos I

learned so much from you guys I'll tell

people I say you know I'm a youtuber and

I get two reactions it's either we don't

watch YouTube or they say oh man I watch

it all time I learn so much stuff and

then me too I have saved hundreds if not

thousands of dollars over the years from

people just like you that do videos on

life's little hacks that can make it

better for us or if you're a

do-it-yourselfer like me like maybe

you're trying to change the brakes on

your car you know and you don't really

know how and you pull up your car and

there it is and guys showing you exactly

how to do it so there's anything out

there that you know how to do I

encourage you please make a video don't

worry about it it doesn't matter if your

cameras good it doesn't matter if the

quality's good as long as they can see

and you're not moving the camera around

a lot you know try not to do that and

they can hear you speak I have a video

that has 1.7 million views I put it

right up here somewhere and I want you

to get a chance go watch it

look at the quality this thing was made

seven years ago maybe not my idea

somebody else a God did this Idol in his

backyard I thought it was cool it would

work for me where I live that it's all

about fishing with PVC pipe and it's all

over the internet and you'll see what

I'm talking about if you see something

that you like that you think it helped

you tremendously please please make a

video of it because I'm fixing to show

you something that helped me bones I'm

gonna put a picture of a bowl up in the

screen up here somewhere so you'll know

cute little fellers I mean they're like

little hamsters but they are herbivores

and they will eat up fruit tree bark

they'll eat up

you know like here's gonna be my

blackberries I got one out I was just

testing it to make sure it wouldn't die

my blackberries in the winter time where

there's no grass for him to eat because

they love to eat grass they love to eat

the root off of your vegetables in your

garden they are not a mole they are a

vole with a V I had about maybe 150

something like that they live in

colonies and I had a group a colony of

them here living around these pallets

the way I knew it my neighbor's dogs

they loved to hunt him kill him they

don't need them and so I put in this

little bait station saw this on YouTube

matter of fact the gentleman has a

patent on it so you know I'm not trying

to make them or sell them or nothing I

think it cost me maybe $7 $8 I don't

know that one sitting there was a dollar

69 so that kind of gives you an idea

things are always the most expensive

part got me a strap a couple of long

spikes I don't have it glued it has a

tee I put this on with a screw on you

don't have to you just put a cap if you

want to you can make these tubes as long

as you want I would say this caution

wise this thing will kill rats mice and

bolts I use two inch so the little bowl

can get in there cuz they're pretty

good-sized little fellers and the rats

are especially in here give you an idea

I have filled this thing two times has a

rod that goes through it you put these

cakes on here there is two and a half

cakes this thing holds eight so they

have eaten four and a half cakes and

this is the second fill up so that tells

you I mean they were eat three of them

cakes in an hour and those are pretty

good sized cakes got a whole room piece

of all thread nut on top you know just

drilled a hole through there but a wing

that on the bottom set it so that when

it goes down in there it's you know down

close enough to bottom when they eat the

bottom when it just slides down it's

like an automatic feed works great I

wiped out an entire colony right up

there they stay in a diameter of about

60 feet diameter and there can be

anywhere from 30 to 70 in that they were

everywhere I would sit inside the RV and

I would look out the window and they'd

be fuller on the ground and someone was

babies litter and they'd be just grazing

you know eating the grass and stuff but

they'll get into your seed building so

this ate anything but like I said I

wanted to show you this thing because if

they're amazing I've got another one

down there I'll walk you down there and

I'll show you what we got down there

things I forgot and I want to bring this

up we've been working on this we've been

working on this garden and it's finally

dried up a little bit I've got some

things planted but the first thing I

noticed was this and I knew we had them

but if I can find the tracks here we go

deer tracks and this deer went right

through the garden right down where I

planted all my potatoes yeah of course

they hadn't come up yet so in cut across

turned around the garden and came back

so I have ordered a thousand dollars

worth of fencing defense this place off

extra post actually ordered seventy-five

eight-foot T post hopefully I only put

them in a foot in the ground and I'll

have seven foot of fence and then I'm

gonna have hot wire on top something to

keep the deer out cuz I know what's

gonna happen I've got 36 tomato plants

to plant and I can plant them now but

I'm keeping them up next to the house to

keep them away from everything in the

pots till I can get this fence put up

okay now guys Ebert and I were down here

cutting down some more trees and we were

burning a lot of brush we got some over

there on the other side of the boat and

of course like I say we do have a boat

now because we actually have some water

in the pond but while we were down here


I saw mice running in here and I'm sure

there's probably riots fill rats and

everything else because these trees stay

loaded with hawks and these hawks are

fat and they just look good because

they're eating voles out of that field

over there and what happened was about

two weeks ago they came out and they

Bush off that field and when they did my

place filled up with those voles but I

hooked them now here's the other one

I haven't seen any bowls out here I'm

sure there is but I haven't seen any but

I have seen mice so I put this here two

days ago now you can see a little better

look at it

you can make these pipes as long as you

want to and you could make this as tall

as you want to and you can put a longer

rod this thing would be great like in a

barn you could put it against the wall

because the rats love to travel the edge

the wall strap that thing to the wall

this way you can screw your cap in and

off load that thing up I mean I'm

putting eight on mine but you could put

20 on it if you want to and then just

check it every so often they fill it

back up again every time my rat comes by

and gets him mouthful of it he'll be a

goner so two days ago this one had eight

on it I filled it up let's just see what

we got two days well there is one two

three four five and a half so they've

eaten two and a half and if it's mice I

can understand why they didn't eat near

as much and so maybe there's not a lot

of bowls or maybe I've have it in the

wrong place I mean there is something

here because they're eating on it so my

intent is to move these farther and

farther out on the perimeter set them on

these fence lines give everybody a good

chance all the rats and the Vosges to

fill up on them and then I will also

take them back up here and test them

again let me tell you the best way to

check to see if you've got a vole don't

build the bait trap or nothing just take

your round piece of pot lay it somewhere

where you think they might be maybe

they're running next to a wall they like

to run next to walls and stuff too then

after you get it laid where you want

that piece of pipe put your piece of

Apple in there if you think you've got

bowls that piece of Apple will be eat up

in about 15 minutes though they love

fruit so that's the best way to check to

see if you've got bowls now but now if

you think you might have some ranch or

something like that you can put you

something in there like peanut butter

and see what they do if I eat it up

quick then build you one of these and

keep it in when you get done with it put

it up in your shed clean it up wash it

off with a water hose and I guarantee

you these things are mean I've got a

video coming up about our house we've

ordered it it should be here in six to

eight weeks so thanks for watching