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Scratching In Walls And Ceiling At Night? We Got You!

rats and rodents getting into your

ceilings and walls well let us show you

how we find what we're gonna do because

of the noise in this area here we're

gonna do is build the sealed containment

remove the toilet open up some walls and

start doing our smoke injection and

running our sewer camera alright because

the homeowner is worried about rats

coming in through the affected area into

the home what we're gonna do is we're

building a zippered or containment

that's completely sealed and this is in

preparation of us opening up the walls

this area here which is upstairs on the

second floor is where our homeowner is

hearing all of the scratching inside the

walls so what we're going to do now is

test the sewer line as well as go up in

the attic space let's go ahead and get

these walls opened up and see if we can

see anything alright folks as you can

see we've got the plumbing exposed

all right so we started here the rat

droppings were going this way and then

we trailed them out around this tub and

then into the ceiling here of the

kitchen you can see right there is some

more rat droppings lower and it

continues towards the south of the

property so we're gonna go ahead and go

downstairs and continue the hunt here as

to how they're getting me alright folks

so part of the protocol to identifying

rat intrusion in your home is that it's

always run a sewer camera down the

existing clean-out here of the home

breaks overall case you have the sewer

line in this case sewer line looks to be

in great condition alright we're gonna

go ahead and get our UV smoke ready to


we're gonna go ahead and utilize that

clean out there alright folks so you can

see the smoke coming out and what we're

right there

so our smoke machine is right here

behind the kitchen and then as you go

this is the two inch vent that's right

above the toilet that we removed in the

bathroom so now let's go ahead and go

inside and see if there's any smoke

coming out of the walls or in the

bathroom all right so here we are in the

kitchen there are sealed containment


all right folks are in the kitchen

remove the ceiling you can see how much

duplication there is all right so as you

can see we've got even more inside that

ceiling here so it's more concentrated

directly above this area here inside of

our containment folks you won't believe


look at this folks so we did another

smoke test and you could see the amount

of smoke coming out of this area right

here and you can see that the rats were

chewing right through this ABS pipe here

right directly underneath the toilet all

right folks you could see that they

evidently started inside and ate their

way through it versus it coming from the

outside in

so they crawled up this sewer line here

and look at the scratch and they almost

made it through this this side over here

but didn't quite make it other than one

little hole here but they were just

dying on this until it finally broke

through over here on this side

unbelievable everything got all the

defecation out the plywood still has a

tendency to leave bacteria such as the

urine and all that so what we love using

this enzymes very high concentrated

enzyme soaks into the substrates or wood

and actually kills the bacteria and gets

rid of that smell so you might want to

consider using enzyme type products to

get rid of that urine smell so basically

it's just a spray bottle this is great

because it's non-toxic but does a great

job with deodorizing everything

all right folks oh look if you already

have your ceilings and walls open up and

there are possible ways for the rodents

to get through you might want to

consider using some foam as well as wire

mesh blend these two together it really

does a great job with protecting or

preventing the rodents from going in

they can't chew through this I think you

sure chew through foam I've seen a lot

where foam is applied by rodent

companies but they just chew right

through it and then get right in so you

have to combine the foam as well as the

mesh we go ahead and show you what that

looks like

all right folks who you could see just

injecting the farm underneath the tub

here okay what we're doing is we're

gonna apply the mesh around the tub just

like that and what that's gonna do is

because the rodents chewed the foam the

structure of the tub we just wanted out

for some support but also give you a

visual as to what really should be

embedded in the foam as this wire mesh

all should look something just like this

alright folks we've also added some wire

right above the drain here this is an

ABS wasted overflow so we still have

access to do any repairs in the future

but down here what we're doing is we're

adding a barrier we don't come up into

this wall and make noise we're trying to

keep everything isolated into one area

that's why we're using this metal mesh

you all right folks so as we're putting

this piping back together

I've got Joan our customer here she's in

the background she'd rather not be on

camera which is completely respectful

but so Joan if you can kind of help the

audience here that's watching this whole

road with you know scratching in your

walls and making all the sounds what are

some of the things that you went through

to deal with actually finally finding

the issue what did you have to go

through I have had dozens of

exterminators here I've had roofers I'm

taught my rules saying that they were

coming from the roof spent thousands of

dollars and finally I found this company

on YouTube I call them they came right

away and they found the problem thank

God thank God

yeah I know you're we're just as happy

as you are because sometimes these are

complicated from your perspective and

having all those other experts come out

to try to identify what's causing the

rats and your ceilings and walls they

didn't have the technology that we had

correct no they did not

so from what you saw today the smoke

testing the sewer camera all of that

really pinpointed precisely exactly

where the where the rats were come nap

know I live alone and all I hear was

scratching so I was scared to death that

you guys say to me oh I'm serious

well thank you so much thank you well

there you have it folks just to kind of

give you some insight on how to get to

the bottom of your rat problem as well

as the enzyme treatment how important

that is to sanitize and get that odor

back to normal as well as that wire mesh

all of those really do a good job with

protecting your property

anyhow folks hopefully this gave you the

inside and had a pinpoint where those

rats are coming in at if you like this

video give us thumbs up and make sure