get rid

Rodent Urine smell in my house....PRO DIY TIPS!

Are you experiencing rat or mice urine odor? Don't know where it's coming from?

Can't figure out what product to use? Well, in this video, we're gonna give you

two amazing tips that you can do to get rid of this odor. And if those don't work

stay to the end of that I'm gonna give you my secret that I absolutely love.

My name is Jim Schuelke with the Twin Home Experts and I'm super excited to have my

twin brother Dave and Robert from All-star Trapping. Hey, and if you're new to

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leave your comments. We love feedback. So Robert let's first talk about how the

urine migrates throughout a property. Well, that's a great question Jim we get

that question a lot and the way that happens is when rats get into your attic

or underneath your house they urinate and defecate up to 50 times a day.

So as they're traveling around nesting in that insulation making their home

coming in and out of your property they're leaving behind that urine smell

that just starts coming through the walls. And you taught me something really

cool the other day Robert, you said that that urine, that odor, that's a way for

them to, attracts them to come back and it also attracts other animals as well

correct? Absolutely, absolutely. Yeah, the rats use

their sense of smell to find shelter to find a mate and that smell is gonna lead

other rats to the property as well as other predators that are looking for a

meal such as possums and raccoons. Those animals will come in looking for those

rats to eat and now you have other urine and feces from other animals. Got it okay

Well, that leads me to tip number one and that is you guys especially in attic as

well as wall cavities there's a lot of insulation they love nesting inside

those areas. So the number one tip that I could recommend is you've got to remove

that contaminated materials. Drywall and attic insulation

and oftentimes if you do have to open up those walls really important to build a

critical barrier around those areas because the last thing you want to do is

introduce other contaminates inside your indoor air such as mold and other dust

and particles. And tip number two, so once you've disposed and rid of all of that

contaminated materials go to your local pet store make sure that you get a

specific product such as a really good enzyme that will attack that urine. You

want to apply that over any wood structure, drywall material. It's gonna

soak in and actually kill that bacteria that's releasing all of that smell.

Speaking of odor guys if you can see in front of us you know we have some pipes

that the rat actually chewed into and we actually have gotten a couple calls

lately where they're on site for the urine odor but they're also

describing a foul sewer odor while we go in with our UV smoke we detect it and

this is what we found. So if you're smelling a urine and a sewer odor

this is probably the issue that you have. Am i right Robert? Oh absolutely. Yeah,

this is, it's just more common than you think when rats are coming in, you know.

They can chew through metal, wood, plastic when they want in they're

gonna get in. Yeah one of the one of the secrets to you guys is detecting odor in

sewer pipes you can actually go up to your roof and sniff utilizing your nose

check each vent you'd be surprised what you find if they have infested inside

the drain. Well Robert, I want to hear your secret. Okay.

Well, the secret that I love that we use all the time is this bad boy right here.

This machine is a is a dry fogger that we use to apply enzymes right and

through that hose once we fill it with liquid and we turn it on that releases a

fine fine mist that just spreads throughout the attic or crawl space

wherever we're applying it and it saturates into the wood and the enzymes

go to work essentially digesting that organic

matter and over time boom smell is gone. You know what are the

biggest questions we get you know through all of this is how much does

something like this cost? Wow, that's a great question and I'm sure everybody

wants to know. You know it really depends on the size that were the area that

we're applying it to. The size of the home the square footage. I've seen it as

high as five thousand and as low as five hundred dollars. Yeah, yeah and again to

Robert's point it really depends on how much walls we've got to open up, the

accessibility to your crawlspace, attic area. Those are all determining factors

on cost. Well guys hopefully this video was

helpful as always thanks for watching.