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Rat Nest Removal in Wall

preferential treatment by Laura Lee wine


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here we're down in a basement you can

see that the wall has been removed in

the insulation and inside there is a

rodent nest where birdseed poison and

other small pieces of food have been

collected and stored in here along with

feces hair dirt and a lot of

contaminants areas like this can be

extremely dangerous and harmful to

families and anyone living inside of the

home making it very pertinent that is

removed as soon as it is discovered this

is a rat that was removed from the area

you can see that it is extremely

defensive when approached rodents like

this will kind of shy away from you as

they feel themselves cornered but then

will attack and are extremely aggressive

you can hear the loud noises that it

makes in order to scare and kind of get

you to leave it alone but it will move

very quickly and jump at you baring its

teeth and claws and these are not shy

animals they though they will look like

they're backing away from you they are

in fact just giving themselves some

leeway to see if you'll leave and then

we'll move very quickly

scratching biting and doing anything to

deter you from them this is an area

where rats where rodents were able to

get into the home with this expanding

foam was not installed very well meaning

that it had to be completely removed and

we had to reinstall it in our best

efforts to prevent any further rodent

access from this area of the home it is

very important that you install these

things properly so that there is never a

problem in the first place

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like chucking it down monkeying around

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