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How to treat Hives (Urticaria)? - Doctor Explains

and now you might wonder what causes

these hives

and unfortunately in half of the cases

the cause is unknown


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get started so in this video we will be

covering how to treat hives but before

we do so i thought it would be important

to explain to you

what hives exactly are now hives or

urticaria as they're also called

are a kind of rash they leave red raised

itchy bumps

which may also burn and sting now these

hives may appear anywhere on your skin

and affect a small pinpoint area upwards

to a big part of your skin

now these hives are caused by an

autoimmune reaction meaning they are

caused by a complex cascade

of your own immune system releasing

inflammatory mediators and histamine

which results in the leakage of fluid

from tiny blood vessels in your skin

causing edema

and thereby these hives and therefore

these hives persist

up until this fluid is absorbed into the

cells surrounding the hives

and 95 percent of all cases this takes

less than six weeks

usually lasting just a few days leaving

no lasting skin changes

and now you might wonder what causes

these hives and unfortunately in half of

the cases the cause is unknown

but many substances in your direct

environment might cause these highs

an allergic reaction on medication or

food an infection

prolonged pressure in your skin stress

cold temperatures

contact with water and exercising for

more than 30 minutes

so you never actually know what sets of

your immune system but here it's

important to know that when you're

having asthma

or a hay fever you have an increased

risk on developing hives

which brings us to the only question you

wanted to have answered anyways how to

treat these hives

first of all you could apply a cool wasp

clot on your hives to reduce the itching

next up take a lukewarm bud or shower do

not use hot water

don't soak for more than 10 minutes and

do not use scented lotions

as this can worsen your symptoms after

the shower above

pat yourself dry gently do not scrub or

rub your skin

because this will worsen your symptoms

and apply moisturizer if your skin is

still damp to nourish and calm it

you could also put on 100 cotton

clothing and avoid

any wool next up prevent scratching as

this will worsen your rash

trim your nails and instead of

scratching press your skin firmly

which will also reduce the itching

lastly if all of these tips were

insufficient your doctor might prescribe

you an oral antihistamine

or oral glucocorticoid these can help to

resolve the hives and the itching and if

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any of these drugs

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your hives because that's the whole

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