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How To Treat A New Tattoo: Healing Process/Aftercare DAY 5 & 6 ( Dealing With Pimples And Rash )

alright guys so welcome back today is

day 5 so pretty much if you want to look

see it's really starting to flake today

today's been another another big day for

flaking but I'm actually so happy with

that Oakland because that's exactly what

you want the only thing that I am having

a little trouble with is if you want to

see pimple pimple all these little red

marks pimples you can see there it's a

pimple pimple pimple has a lot of

pimples and unfortunately I think that's

because just how it's healing and also

me my artists were talking about it and

it's moisturizers so today is day five

so I'm gonna cut off on the moisturizer

today I'm gonna kind of go with how my

body's reacting to the whole process of

healing and I know what you're supposed

to do one moisturizer today now I'm not

gonna do that today I'm just gonna you

know let it heal that I kind of dry out

and we'll see how it heals like again

you're supposed to follow these steps

but you also want to follow what your

body is telling you is like for me just

telling me that I'm pretty sure too much

moisturizer and my body is not breathing

enough and things clear time just

getting trapped into it so there's that

also another tip that I'm gonna leave

you guys with is also don't take the

pimples don't worry it's not gonna

affect the tattoos on you don't pick

them the inks further under then where

the pimple is so no picking just leave

it I know it's tempting trust me this

one right here just is screaming to get

popped but if you pop it then you run

the risk of spreading not infectious pus

everywhere else and we don't want to put

it further up

another tip I'm going to tell you guys

is I almost a 5

and I know a lot of people are gonna say

you go to the gym by now I would say I

would recommend don't just because you

don't want to get sweaty clog your pores

and then again have this happen soul

stay off the gym if your gym attic or

you'd like to workout I'd like to get

really sweaty stay off of that for a

good week two weeks after a tattoo those

are just my little tips on day five and

you know this is it pretty much gonna

work itself on today

six seven hopefully and then by day

eight nine all flaking and hopefully all

the pimples are gone alright guys so

welcome back

today is day six of the healing process

of tattoo so I changed it up today I'm

not doing it in the washroom just

because I'm not gonna wash it today and

I kind of want to give a better lighting

to hopefully you guys can see the better

tattoo more and how it's healing I've

been getting pimples again there's one


nice big one you got a lot of this in

this area specifically you got I don't

know if you can see it there's that one

then you just got a couple going but

it's again the flaking is what you want

this is absolutely what you want a get a

little bit of scabbing right right there

and there but you know that's not too

bad as you can see just a lot of you

know it's doing really well so aside

from the the pimples

it's weird because I don't know how my

body's been reacting last the last leave

I got last year it did the same thing

where it just I just randoms start

getting a lot of pimples and

specifically and then I'd I screwed up

and I popped one I caved in and I popped

it and I felt that just spread it all

over the place so that my whole arm was

just covered in pimples and this one

I've tried my best not to pop any um

it's been tough tan they're still coming

I wash it still I still watched it I

don't moisturize that's the one thing

I'm doing on day six now I'm just

washing it once a day

there's been one other thing I want to

bring to your attention and that was so

I went yesterday and I got touch-ups

done and I just got a little touch of

button and turns up shading right here

and here in the corner just you know it

had I don't I didn't like having just

bare skin there I like at least a little

bit of shading so unfortunately I had to

go to work and it was a hot day

and you can see I just it my skin

rubbing against it like rubbing against

the shirt and the skin itself just

irritated it so much to the point where

I just got all these little pimples and

blistering it's almost like a blister

and it just hurts that this touch I

tried to keep my my movement down to the

minimum but at the same time and it just

it's don't manage to get irritated so

now I'm just IMing I'm gonna try to

rework my whole daily activity movements

and and hopefully get this back towards

able to heal nicely it's it sucks it

hurts a lot and I just my main goal is

so the the tattoo doesn't get affected

at all by the healing is coming along

nicely it's just those little pimples

that I gotta worry about but aside from

the pimples keep two if you keep your

body's and you know if you're not

getting any pimples stick to that one

day one wash one moisturizer and that's

pretty much how day six is I'm not gonna

do a video for day seven or eight just

because it's gonna be pretty much the

same thing I think so I'll come back

with like a day nine or day ten and

that'll be kind of like the two week

mark almost of how the tattoo will turn

out and I mean this time this that this

sleeve turned out great like absolutely

great now I just wanted to finish

healing and will be will be will be

understand done so you know thank you

guys so much for watching this bar I

know it is a lot of information to take

in I know there's been a couple videos

that have been repeating themselves but

again when

you're doing the healing process I can't

stress enough that it has to be repeated

just so it gets stuck in your mind that

you have to do this certain thing and

again but that again I'm not saying that

this is how you're going to do it you

have to do it I know this other artists

that'll say other things and you know

trust your artists if your artist says

to do something trust his word this is

what my artist has told me and this is

what I've known from previous years

before him telling me and this is also

what I've read online so I've got this

from multiple sources but somewhere it

is will say don't wash your tattoo at

all I did healing naturally some people

will put that plastic over it where it

kind of stays on the tattoo for me this

is what I recommend it works it turns

out great the tattoos turns out great

after yeah aside from the little setback

of my body kind of reacting that I think

with a moisturizer too much that's my

fault but I'm kind of reading again you

got to read the body and kind of tweak

that tweak it to your to your body needs

so thank you so much for watching I hope

this all helps you guys so much

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take care of them again my journey on

the tattoos and if you guys have any

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them and you know just give you that

knowledge that I have where I could find

out and you know everybody learns in the

whole in the whole process so thank you

guys so much for watching take care and

wait until the next video thank you guys

so much