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GET RID OF SKIN RASHES ON FACE | Allergic reaction

hi guys to the bone this is Darcy and

today I'm gonna show you what to do if

you have a bad skin reaction to any sort

of cosmetic facemask DIYs this is what I

do when my face gets irritated by

anything I put on my face so if you want

to know more about it keep on watching

it may not look on camera because I have

lights here you know but right now my

face it's super irritated from the gold

mask I did the gold mask a few days ago

if you haven't watched it I'll leave the

link on the description box below and my

face is being irritated ever since this

is my face the very next day after I did

the gold mask and I've been doing this

DIY recipe that I'm gonna show you right

now every single day in order to get my

skin to be better so in this video my

skin is a lot better but you can still

see some of the small bumps I don't know

if you guys can see it's like little

bumps all over my chin and part of my

face like when I touch my face I

literally feel like little bumps so

something definitely went wrong with

that mask in my face so this recipe is

my Holy Grail that I'm gonna share with

you guys because right now I actually

need it and also this could happen to

you too so if this happens to you try

this out it works every single time so

all you're gonna need is one tablespoon

of oatmeal - about 2 tablespoons of

water to get to this fine powder for the

oatmeal all you need to do is blend the

oatmeal the regular oats in the blender

until it turns into this fine powder all

I do is mix it up and just apply to your


oatmeal is amazing because it's

anti-inflammatory also antiseptic it

helps with any skin bad skin reactions

helps with rashes even poison ivy and

eczema and even extremely sensitive

skins can use it leave it for 10 to 15

minutes then wash it off with lukewarm

water and you can follow the moisturizer

or your regular routine hi guys it's

been about 10 to 15 minutes I just

washed off my face and you can see right

away how the face becomes so much

brighter and smooth and if you have any

redness it does help the redness a lot I


the bumps but they will go away with

time I have to do this mask at least

once a day

until this bumps go away and I'm gonna

try to avoid to use any heavy

moisturizers another good tip too is

when you remove this mask make sure to

use lukewarm water to warm water and

also you may want to use a washcloth

because it can be a little tricky to

remove it if you let it get too hard

this is an amazing mask and it's super

affordable super easy to make and gentle

enough that it can be used every day so

let me know if you get a chance to try

it out and always feel free to ask any

question and please subscribe to my

channel if you haven't yet thank you so

much for watching and I'll see you guys

next time