get rid

How to get rid of Perioral Dermatitis

you ask she answers the next question I

have is about something called perioral

dermatitis and hairy oral dermatitis is

an inflammatory disorder of the skin

that is characterized by red papules or

bumps they are located around the mouth

often underneath the nose and fat can

also be found around the eyes it is

commonly seen in women who use multiple

cosmetic products and those products are

often either moisturizers of sunscreens

and they tend to be very rich so when I

see a patient with Parel dermatitis the

first question I asked is that take a

good history and find out what they've

been using there are multiple treatment

options for this one of the better ones

is first of all to avoid the product

that's causing it often a cream or a


I suggest that my patients use gel

formulations or clear sunblock sprays to

prevent this from coming back and then

we can also use some treatments in

clinics such as blue light and

inflammatory disorder the skin Muse of

blue light as an anti inflammatory

mechanism to control this and there are

also systemic antibiotics

luckily for most of my patients we can

keep them off the systemic antibiotics

and just use the blue light for control