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How to Stop the Spinning Color Wheel on a MAC without losing Work or Data

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completely so sometime it really happens

that we open some sort of an application

or some sort of a software running on a

macbook and sometimes we just see the

spinning wheel which is this rotating

round and now but nothing is really

happening there and it's taking just all

this kind of its rotation only so what

it really happens at that time is a

computer or Amitabha I would say like a

MacBook stops working

it's really something like a load that

we are just putting on a ram or some

sort of a system that makes this make

book really freeze down for few seconds

or few minutes sometimes and then it

just keeps on loading but sometimes that

times take much longer and there's

nothing much better a user can do rather

than waiting or just switching off that

your MacBook well now we'll be just

shredding few techniques for you video

that you don't need to just completely

turn off your MacBook or something like


because you can just even lose your data

if something like really happens and

give it some time first of all if you

just see the spinning wheel then let it

spin for few I would say seconds okay

let it be because of course you will let

it go and then after that you'll be just

crying all these guys were method that

are available I'll just start searching

on the internet but the problem is I bet

then you continue my search on the

internet or anything else because it's

just good Straka me to say is completely

everything freezes and you have nothing

to do rather than just sitting there and

just waiting for each and everything to

end it quickly so but I'm going to show

you I'm going to share method like how

you can just easily get rid of that

spinning wheel so similar way this

happen in our window system then what we

need to do is control all then delete

but here in the Mac as you can see it's

a different command so what we need to

do is command CMD okay or which is also

say this option and then escape is

you just saw that these are the problems

which I've been just running here okay

and when I when I just opened this

Google Chrome here that a is an option

of for squid yes I just told you like we

just want to close this application but

it's not really happening at that time

also and if it'll just keep you singing

then of course if we are walking on some

sort of a file or something then it will

be good same but if you wanna another

source like another external source

online web sites or something like that

the chances are very less I would say

negligible that your files will get save

or etc so here you can see that is

giving the option of full squid I mean

to say if I want to close any kind of an

application I wasted on getting closed

in but I need to do is just click on

here for squid and that will be get

automatically plus so this was the

matter that I have shared with you like

how you can just stop this spinning

wheel using these three gives so thank

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this issue and is there any other method

that you are just using it to get rid of

this spinning wheel so do share with us

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