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How to Remove Rainbow Effect from Tempered Glass


before continuing watch this video I

will warn you about three things at the

beginning first if you already installed

a tempered glass it might be impossible

to remove the glass without breaking it

so this tutorial applies only for a new

tempered glass ii depends on the quality

tempered glass this method might not

work 100% but at least it will minimize

the rainbow effect third there is always

a chance that you will damage the

tempered glass if you do this procedure

do this with your own risk in this video

I will show you how to remove or at

least reduce the rainbow effect in

tempered glass

this phenomenon is usually happened on

coloured tempered glass or in curved or

3d tempered glass the reason this thing

can happen is because for some type of

tempered glass the transparent part is

actually not attached to the phone

screen it actually floating the tempered

glass attached to the phone screen using

some glue on the colored part or only at

the edge as you can see in this video

this will create a really really thin

gap that will create a reflection or

rainbow effect the scientific term for

this rainbow effect is Newton ring it is

a phenomenon in which an interference

pattern is created by the reflection of

light between two surfaces you can read

in Wikipedia for more information to

prevent this we will enlarge the gap

distance to avoid the rainbow effect by

adding double tape actually the tempered

glass already used double tape but it's

very thin we will use slightly thicker

one first of all we will remove the glue

you can use acetone or in my case I use

dishwashing soap however if you use

dishwashing soap the process may take a

while but it is safer if you want to

quickly remove the glue you may use


actually it is not necessary to remove

glue first however I still recommend

doing this because if you not remove the

glue now it will be so hard to remove

the glass later one thing for sure

do not use sharp objects to remove glue

it can damage the tempered glass for

example we caused impatient I scratch my

tempered glass because I use steel

tweezer to remove the glue fortunately

my tempered glass is black so I use

permanent marker to hide the scratches

and it works pretty well after we

removed the glue now we just have to

apply the double tape you can buy it at

the nearest office supply store we put

it all around and then just trim it

using scissors then we just need to

install it as usual set the position

first then I use tape to make sure the

position is stay as it is

we clean the screen

open the double tape then slowly install

the tempered-glass done the touch

response is still fairly responsive even

though we use thicker double tape thanks

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