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How To Get Rid Of Anger Fast

hi there my name is project Boyd and

today we're talking about how to stop

being angry how to stop being angry so

what do I mean by how to stop being


well anger is that a primal emotion that

we all feel comes up when we're not

getting what we want when we're not

getting our needs met when we're feeling

like we're being neglected and in the

world just isn't on our side and this

emotion could come up in so many

different situations and dating and your

relationships in your career and your

purpose whole bunch of areas but it's

really that that frustrating emotion

that could really hold us back in a lot

of ways so why is it so important to

learn how to stop being angry well it's

so important to learn how to stop being

angry because if you continue to let

this anger drive you 4-1 it'll push

people away from you it won't make you

allow you to have the success that you

want to have and you're dating and your


attracting the right people into your

life but it will also just cause you to

not enjoy life as much to not be living

happy fulfilled fun life and you're

gonna be frustrated you're gonna be

crunching you're gonna not be as

productive as you can be you're not

going to be as effective as you can be

you're not gonna be as attractive as you

can be and it's it can be a healthy

emotion but it has to be used

constructively which we're going to talk

about today and if it's not used

constructively it can really cause a lot

of pain for you a lot of damage and your

relationships and your life so today

we're gonna talk about how to start to

overcome that anger how to stop being

angry and I have my three powerful

secrets I want to give you today to stop

being angry now the first secret secret

number three has really to express your

anger constructively and not resisting

it so not to resist your anger but to be

able to express it constructively now

what I mean by this is when you feel the

anger coming up when a situation happens

when you failed when you didn't get your

needs met when you didn't do what you

accomplished what you want to accomplish

or have what you wanted to have you were

expecting you're gonna have this an

anger come up and it's not about

repressing that emotion it's there's an

old saying from Carl Jung what we's

resists persists now you don't want to

resist it because it's just gonna

continue longer it's just gonna be

bottled up inside and it's gonna find a

way to come out it's gonna do damage

now we want to express it but express it

constructively so one of my favorite

ways to express your anger

constructively is to simply just scream

into a pillow you know or go out and

like you know punch a pillow or go out

in nature and this scream and release it

and you know maybe break some tree

branches or you know punch a punching

bag it's in that that way that you can

express that anger get it physically out

of your body vocally as well by

screaming it out but it's not doing

damage to anyone you're not insulting

somebody you're not damaging somebody at

work you know or breaking something or

getting physically violent so it's about

expressing that in a constructive way

where it doesn't hurt anybody and you

can get out of your system so that's the

first secret secret number three now

secret number two to really stop being

angry is to start to find that stillness

inside of you find that stillness of

death that stillness of nothingness that

emptiness and we all have this place

that we can get inside where we are

completely detached from the outcome

detached from life where spiritual

teachers have taught us you can really

find that inner nothingness that inner

emptiness where you aren't attached to

the outcomes anymore you're not attached

to life you're not attached to what's

happening and you really can find that

sense where you can observe yourself

observe yourself and you can see your

your own anger coming up but it doesn't

bother you because you are not your mind

you are not your emotions you are not

your body you are that awareness that

can see your own awareness your

something above that something beyond

that and so to get to that place where

you detach and can look at what's

happening but not be in it to be

watching the boat but not in the boat

that's where you can find that inner

stillness and you can start to then work

from that place to do something with the

anger or just allow it to disintegrate

and be gone so it's a very powerful

spiritual place you can get to where you

really detach and find that inner

stillness of death almost like a

deathlike state inside of yourself that

emptiness very powerful it's not a

secret number two and now let's get to

powerful secret number one the most

important secret to start to get rid of

anger and stop being angry which is to

start to take new action

new risks in your life to start to take

new actions and new risks to actually

get your needs met and achieve what you

want to achieve and oftentimes it

involves doing something completely

different than you've done before like

like signing up for a new program or

getting a new mentor on your side or

getting coaching or getting some people

to help you and your cause but it's a

start to actually take massive action as

Tony Robbins calls it taking massive

action really going for what you want

and not holding yourself back because

oftentimes we get angry at ourselves you

get angry at yourself for not doing what

you know you want to do not going for

your dreams not really taking that

massive action and committing and saying

you know what I'm doing whatever it

takes to go for this I'm making a

decision to stop settling for what

you've been settling for in the past to

stop accepting less than the best less

than what you're really capable of less

than what you really want so start to

take that massive action and take

massive new risks do something

completely different facing your fears

it's gonna be a big key one of the

biggest keys key number one to stop

being angry in your life so those are

the three powerful tips for you today to

stop being angry in your life so now

that we've gone through this what's the

new challenges now if you gotta the new

challenges are what I found is you're

gonna continue to go pack in your old

patterns of being angry and it's gonna

come up and you're gonna get caught back

into it unless you have that support on

your side and without that support

without that mentorship without that

massive action we talked about it's

gonna be so easy to go back to the way

you've been and to have your emotions

running you have these emotions running

your life and not being fulfilled and

being stuck and being alone and being

angry and being frustrated and not

having the quality relationships or the

quality purpose that you really want to

be living so what's next with it well

what's next with that is I found the

next key for you going to the next level

is gonna be getting that new support a

new mentorship on your side which is

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