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Fallout 4: Radiation Basics & Cure Guide Tutorial (Fallout 4 Tutorial Tip Guide)

what is up guys hardcore game except

Sierra today I'm bringing guys and

fallout 4 I'm going to explain to you

the basics of radiation on a really

basic level and how to cure it in all of

that so radiation is really simple in

this game people kind of make it a

little bit more complex than it really

is so if you look in the bottom left

there's my HP bar and as you can see

there's a lot of red on it so I can't

Hill up all the way I can't I can't have

full health it prevents me from having

full health when I get more radiation my

health bar even lowers even more to

where if I want to refill my health I

just can't do it so there's a few ways

you get radiation and then there's a few

ways to cure it so you get radiation by

eating food and water and being out in

the apocalypse and being around lakes

and just having weird creatures attack

and buy you and stuff like that so you

can't radiation all different ways and

you'll know you're getting radiation

because in big red numbers in the bottom

left it starts like plus 5 plus 10 plus

20 to radiation you'll start hearing a

ticking sound means you're getting

radiated bro you need get the hell out

so how do you fix it well there's a few

ways you can have right away it's a

prescription you can find it you can

take it it makes the radiation go away

there's raid X which kind of it's a more

of a prevention medicine it doesn't get

a rid of your radiation it prevents it

for a certain period of time you know ah

my nuts yeah mine's not active anymore

so I can't show you that but there's

another way to cure it besides just the

right away and that is to go to any city

any major city that has a doctor this is

diamond city

I actually just right here and the

doctor is Nikki's right over here

curious so you go to a doctor and I'll

just kind of show you the process you

cure me has to be up there no go with

him what

so as you can see you can do cure hell's

for 15 caps or cure the radiation for 40

and we need to cure that radiation

radiation I feel sick

blood pooling in the gums signs of

anemia yeah we better clean you up

done No was there anything else

bothering you and that is it we'll just

go and get our hell's cured up while

we're here

and that's that anything else bothering

you hello to complain hey better care of

you tough alright so now you can see my

HP bar it's completely fool I have no

radiation I have full health and I'm

ready to get back into the battle as you

can see next door is a prescription

place and you can buy probably right

away in rate X and all that good stuff

and I mean that's really it radiation is

really simple to take care of it is you

know kind of a pain in the butt but once

you figure out how to cure it you're

good to go so I mean that was three or

four hours of radiation built up in my

body just cured just like that so that's

how you get rid of radiation that's kind

of the radiation basics you can't really

avoid it out in the apocalyptic world

but you can't cure it and you can't

prevent it by taking raid X and then of

course right away but it's really easy

to make a trip to a doctor in any major

city as well because you can just fast

travel even though it is a slight

inconvenience so if this helped you be

sure to leave a like subscribe that is

subscribes that's the basic of radiation

how to treat it hg t the doctor is out