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How to get rid of Raccoons fast!

all right if you're here you're here

because you want to learn about how to

get rid of raccoons fast and easy

especially if you're there digging

around in your trash or wandering around

your park near your house that's just

that's just no fun you want to get rid

of them so I'm going to offer you six

simple steps to help get rid of raccoons

the first is to simply trap them go by a

live animal trap bait it with some

almonds or food that you find around

your house and within a couple days you

should catch raccoon gotta be careful

though because you can catch other

animals such as cats or squirrels check

your local conservation office for laws

regarding the relocation of raccoons the

second tip is to protect your trash now

this is this is a very simple step

simply if you have trash outside instead

of moving it inside your garage or

placing it like a cinder block over the

lid so that the raccoons are discouraged

now this won't mean that they won't get

into it because they are very

intelligent and smart animals but this

will discourage them from getting into

your trash step number three is to

simply keep your yard and porch clean if

you don't want raccoons jumping around

on your porch get rid of that cat food

that you set out each night I'm just

just keeping your yard clean and the

food away from your yard will discourage

the raccoons from coming back step

number four is to simply put up fencing

this is a very simple tip it's it can be

expensive though so check the pricing

and depending on your situation you may

want to put up some fencing chain-link

fencing works too step number five is to

get a motion-activated or a noise

activated machine that will scare them

away there are tons of these on Amazon

just read the reviews before purchasing

step number six is to if they're in your

attic or chimney you're going to want to

get an exterminator raccoons are very

dangerous and they're very territorial

especially if they have babies they have

laid a litter so consider hiring a

professional exterminator so that you

don't get diseases or rabies trying to

get rid of them and

they are they can bite nasty so the six

steps number one is to buy a live trap

and trap them step number two is to

protect protect your trash by simply

putting a rock or a bungee cord over it

step number three is to keep your yard

and porch clean step number four is to

put up fencing step number five is to

get something to scare them away like a

noise or motion-activated machine and

the last step step number six is to hire

an exterminator that doesn't work thank

you for listening and I hope this helped

you if you liked this video or have

better ways to get rid of raccoons leave

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