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How to Get Rid of Raccoons From Under a Deck

how do you get rid of

under a deck

raccoons are nocturnal animals most

commonly identified by the dark black

circles around their eyes

although raccoons appear cute and cuddly

they can be aggressive and do not like

humans it is not uncommon for raccoons

to take up residence under the deck of

the home getting rid of raccoons under a

deck is important because they carry

disease and can be dangerous for both

humans and household pets raccoons can

also be destructive to your property

eating your pet has food digging in your

trash cans tearing up insulation and

destroying whatever they need to get

food things you will need radio rags or

squirt bottle household ammonia mesh

bags string step 1 play

the radio on the deck or near the deck

turn the radio on and tune it to a talk

radio station step 2 set the volume low

enough that it does not disturb your

family or your neighbors raccoons

dislike humans and the sound of the

human voice will scare raccoons the

volume has to be just loud enough that

it can be heard below the deck step 3

leave the radio on day and night for a

few days in a row you will eventually

notice that the raccoons have left the

deck and are not returning if the

raccoons are not leaving increase the

volume level a bit step 1

saturate about 5 rags with full strength

household ammonia if your dick is large

use more rags step 2 toss the rags and

various spots under the deck if you are

not able to reach suitably under the

deck fill a squirt bottle with ammonia

and squirt it all around under the deck

step 3 reapply the ammonia every couple

of days until there is no sight of the