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How to Evict Your Raccoon Roommates | National Geographic

the main conflict between people and

raccoons is when raccoons use human

resources to meet their own needs and

ends raccoons are the quintessential

generalist they really can live in a

whole variety of habitats in Washington

DC they see urban areas as opportunities

has rich and resources for them and they

kind of move in so they move into

buildings when there are structural

defects that they can exploit they hope

den and chimneys they'll den in paddocks

look at Birth the babies they're people

either try to solve the problem

themselves usually with horrible

consequences or they hire a professional

company who comes out in traps and

removes the animals because we've had

rabies moved through this area the

governmental folks will not allow

records to be moved and relocated so

those animals have to be euthanized

a long time ago we decided we need an

alternative model to the trap and kill

and it focuses on the diction exclusion

removal and reunion leaving these

animals in their known territorial home

range areas so they still have access to

all the resources they need to survive

in that procedure we usually chase the

adults out of the house and then put up

a screen to keep them from regaining

entry and that's it the job's done they

go on their way now with babies we

remove them put them in a specially

constructed box we call the reunion box

and then mom whom we we have chased out

she'll come along that night or

sometimes even sooner find your babies

and move them out

we've seen with putting the reunion

boxes back up on roofs kind of two types

of mothers the frantic ones will come

back and don't know how to get in the

box and just go absolutely crazy and

dessert and then the calm ones who come

back and look at the box and kind of

figure out where the entrance is go in

get their babies and move them very

calmly with we think the idea already in

their head that I know where I'm going

I'm going to take my babies and I'm

going to put them in this other den that

I feel is secure

through the work that we did with

National Geographic we had access to

very high-tech camera that was able to

record sequences and tell us more about

how these animals met these challenges

that we confronted them and what we

needed to do to make things better and

more humane for them out there