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How To Get Rid Of Raccoons Easily With 5 Useful Tips

hey everybody I'm here today to tell you

how to get rid of raccoons easily

I'll also be telling you how to prevent

them from coming back again now let's

get right to it I'll be going over five

simple things that you can do to make

sure that you get rid of raccoons okay

now let's get right to it

the first thing that you want to do is

actually clean your garbage bins now you

might not have any food in your garbage

bins right now but if raccoons are going

through your garbage bins or the area

around your garbage bins chances are

that there's some food waste that is

stuck on the bins on the inside in one

way or another so just use some plain

dish soap and water and scrub those

garbage bins I know that it might sound

gross but scrub those garbage bins and

clean them you want to get rid of any

scent and any sort of anything that's

left over on or in the garbage bins with

regards to food waste and stuff like

that so step number one is clean your

garbage bin step number two is to

actually lock up and secure your garbage

bins now raccoons are very very smart

and adaptive animals that means that

they can easily open garbage bins that

are high off the ground that have heavy

lids but they can open garbage bins that

are simply secured shut and I can open

garbage bins that are locked shut there

are many things that you can do to lock

your garbage bin closed and secure the

lid use one of the methods and secure

the lid shut you'll probably hear the

raccoons sort of batting at the lid at

night trying to open it up but if it's

shut eventually they're gonna give up

they might try for 20 minutes for half

an hour but they're gonna give up and

that's what you want you want the

raccoons to try and open that lid but to

give up okay

the third tip the third thing that you

want to do is double bag any food waste

now if you put your food waste in a bag

and you tie it up nice and tight okay

the raccoons can probably still smell

the food waste okay and this can include

any food waste any food waste at all

because raccoons will literally any food

waste it doesn't matter what it is so

anything that you eat or any part of a

food that you removed before you eat the

food you got a double bag that and

that's what what

lock the scent of for the raccoons they

will have to be much closer to actually

smell the food if you're putting

double-bagged food waste in the garbage

bin and then locking the lid

chances are the raccoons won't be able

to smell it easily enough and they'll

give up much faster because the smell

won't be as strong when they're trying

to open up that lid okay

the fourth thing that you can do is

clean up any stuff in your yard that

might be attracting the raccoons okay

now this can literally be anything that

they can eat and believe it or not one

of the most overlooked things is pet

food some people give their dogs treats

outside and the dogs eat the treats and

then the treats the subparts of the

treats the crumbs and the falling on the

floor or dogs come outside eating their

pet food and then some stuff some parts

of the pet food fall on the floor and

what happens is raccoons will not pass

up the opportunity to eat food to them

that's just as good of food as anything

else so with that being said make sure

that you're cleaning up any things that

your pets are eating and anything's in

the yard that the raccoons might be

attracted to with regards to eating or

being interested in and last but not

least the fifth tip is to close any

entrance points so you have to figure

out how the raccoons are getting into

your yard okay

look around the fence look around your

house you want to look for any holes

that have pretty much like a three inch

diameter or above and what you want to

do is you want to secure those holes so

you want to either replace the fence

boards if that's what it takes that have

holes in them or you want to put a

little board at the bottom of your fence

if you have a gap at the bottom of your

fence that raccoons are climbing under

you want to use a mesh net of some sort

some steel mesh and sort of secure it

against the holes you want to do

whatever you can to secure those

entrance points and if you do this

eventually the raccoons are gonna find a

different area to go to because they're

gonna come to your house even if you've

secured all of the entrance points and

they somehow find a different way into

your yard they're not gonna find any

food so they're gonna give up with your

garbage bins and by you securing the

entrance points you are pretty much

ruling out the idea of them getting in

and even if they do get in because

you've cleaned the garbage bins

and you've secured them and you've

double bagged your food and stuff like

that you've gotten rid of the pet food

on the on the lawn all of that stuff is

gonna cause them to give up much faster

than if they saw the opportunity you're

pretty much saying hey raccoons look you

can't get in and even if you somehow

managed to get in in some insane way

through a tree branch or something then

guess what you're not gonna find

anything here so they're just gonna move

on to the next spot because they're not

gonna keep coming to the same yard

without getting any food and getting a

reward and that's basically it in this

video I have told you how to get rid of

raccoons easily and how to prevent them

from coming back I hope that you've

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