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How to Get Rid of Raccoons in the Attic (SAFELY!) - 2020

so we've got some racket and they're in

your attic

well they can be entertaining and fun to

look at that usually is when they're

roaming around your backyard with a can

stuck on their head yes clearly they are

some very malicious creatures that also

have just as much trouble walking down

the stairs as the next person they also

love food just as much as the average

American but that's besides the point

right you know maybe you don't mind

having them in your backyard but you

don't want them in your app so today

we're gonna be helping you take care of

all those raccoons and telling you

exactly how to get rid of them in your

attic but before we begin as always we

have a few disclaimers

in fact this one can basically be boiled

down to one point and that is if you

remove the mother before her babies make

sure you're going back for the babies

because they'll starve to death

otherwise and stink up your attic which

is just bad for everyone so here we go

what you've been waiting for the first

of your steps is you're going to want to

identify all your entry points typically

this is near your attic or a chimney

number two you're gonna want to listen

for sounds of the raccoon in your attic

and enter to observe any sounds this

will either sound like men wearing heavy

boots or you'll hear the cries and

chatter at the young which will be

necessary to identify the nest when you

enter to observe the attic it's likely

that you'll find the mother holding her

ground and the babies as well so stuff

number three you're gonna want to try

intimidating the mother and this can

just be with physical presence and if

that doesn't work then you can use

raccoon eviction fluid and that should

do the trick

step number four you're gonna want to

remove the baby raccoons by hand and

they can be really small like this or

they can also be a little bit more

grown-up like this

either way you see them you're just

gonna want to move them into some sort

of comfortable space like a bucket or

box next you're going to want to move

the babies in

a cage with a divider like this you're

gonna want to set the cage trap down

near the entry point and what we're

gonna do is use the babies to lure the

mother into the trap the cage should be

a steel trap at least 12 inches by 12

inches by 32 inches and you're gonna

want to make sure you're always setting

this trap in the shade or inside that

way it doesn't get overheated and like I

said you're gonna want to make sure it

has a metal divider like this that way

you can reunite the mother with her

young once you've relocated them at

least ten miles from your house the

sixth step is you're going to want to

seal off all your entry points depending

on the size and location of them you can

use different materials to do this the

seventh step is you're going to want to

clean up and repair any damages done so

this includes cleaning the feces

repairing any broken wires open air

shafts etc make sure that if you need

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