get rid

How to get rid of Rabbits! Non poison Method from my Grandfather. No Holes, No rabbits



this reviews tutorials video something

that I learned as a kid growing up was

on my grandfather's farm and on my

uncle's farm

huge big area around here whether it be

camping out and staying close to these

holes there's a lot of rabbits here and

up here we've started on the main burrow

I wanna show you how we're doing now

down here is where it was it ran down to

here what we did we used a mattock to

start off with you just broke through

the top and dug along and what we're

doing in order to safe we're not just

checking the soil everywhere but we're

putting the soil back where we've broken

through the burrow and then standing on

it as we work through and once we get

deep enough like where we are down here

we're going to expose the hole and then

put a great big rock in it like the size

of the hole and then we'll fill that in

and smooth it over and while we're here

we're also going to be going for these

little holes that are around the little

starting places where they've clearly

started to scratch some of that will

also be natural erosion but I'm here

there's clear spots where they've been


so we'll just level all those out and

rake it all up and get all the holes and

then it's a matter of monitoring this

this is a non Poisson way of doing it if

you um yeah a little bit of netting

someone's probably tried to block their

holes and do something it before so if

you're going to use ten eighty or a

poison or something like that you can

lay that first

and then you still have to dig the

Warrens out because so dig the burrows

out because otherwise other rabbits will

just come along and find this mansion

and want to move in so that's deep

enough as soon as we expose the hole and

there's even a built in rock up there on

the side there we'll drop that rock in

block the hole off with the rock and

then fill that up and compact it all

down and move on to the next hole so as

many as you've got there's as many as

you want to do is this is a non Poisson

method non-poor there's a Poisson method

you don't have to spend a lot more time

monitoring this checking you know having

trouble with you and just checking if

they start to dig a hole fill it in if

they've got a bit of a hole going fill

it in and eventually they will give up

they'll go somewhere easier it's holed

up here as well yeah just this is almost

a fresh dirt there so this is gonna take

a little while but any sort of stuff

like this it you got broken pipe there

that's what you go shoving down the hole

where you dig and deep and as far as

you're going to go put a little bits

like that so they can't dig out from the

from the inside and it's just at my

elbow and that's deep enough so what

we're gonna do now we're gonna put a

great big rock on the hole down there

and compact it and just end it all off

so to get any more soil at just clear

the hole out that rock and we'll put

that down in place you do need something

solid down there so if there are rabbits

in the unit one digging it out from the

top so we'll get another Rock or stick

it over the top of that so there it is

we've got a couple of big rocks down the

bottom and then just a whole lot of

little rocks over the top if you want to

eat the rabbits you can just dig it out

but don't do that if you poison them

otters you know any diseases around

that with the rabbits but just big rocks

down in the bottom and then rocks like

that and then we'll fill it up and stamp

it over the top and as I said you will

have to maintain this you'll have to

stay on it but this is the non poison

way of doing it and just getting the

rabbits to go somewhere once so the

procedure again really quick we'll get

the mattock we dig along the top just

exposing the hole and going as far as we

can until we're sort of as deepest we

can get and then a couple of big rocks

and then fill it up with rocks over that

area and then fill the hole and then

backfill and get it all flat and

hopefully just striking the medic down

vertically and pulling all the soil back

so we're filling this hole as we go

along as I said I learned this from my

grandfather he'd be 110 120 by now so

these are the old skills of an old

farmer who used to deal with rabbits

before poisons and things like that also

when you're talking poisons is he still

down there yeah have a look down here

where is he in front of that bush there

I'll zoom up you can see the kangaroo

down there so if you put a poison like

1080 down there's a risk that you're

gonna poison the Kangaroos as well and

we don't want to do that

rabbits are a pest and in you know not

supposed to be here in Australia but

kangaroos are supposed to be here in

Australia so that holds nearly four

we'll get a couple more shovel loads on

what I'm doing here all the scrapings

I'm just scraping that back up the hill

and putting it up here and we're all

that rabbit poo is keep all that because

that'll fertilize a little really help

to get the grass

here again so there's the finished

product nice and level nice and flat

ready for grass to grow there's plenty

of grass seed around here so it should

just Cantwell by itself with the rains

but they go no sign of a Warren left and

rocks down the bottom so they can't dig

out if there are any down there sorry to

the Greenies but they're rabbits and we

are trying to get rid of them and the

other ones coming along just a few more

shovel loads in there and then we're

ready to smooth it out