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How To Get Rid of Rabbits - Ace Hardware

hi everybody its Luo Manfredini aces

home expert today we're gonna talk about

rabbits I love rabbits I'm a Bugs Bunny

guy I grew up watching Bugs Bunny

cartoons and so I have nothing against

rabbits but what I do remember about

Bugs Bunny is he lived underground and

chances are you can come out in your

backyard and wonder what's that hole

that I have in my backyard and what's

inside their living well it can be a

myriad of different rodents that are out

there but there's a good chance that you

may have rabbits now if you look closely

right here in this hole you can see

little evidence right here this is fur

this is a little fur from a rabbit right

there you see that and there's a good

chance that a rabbit is living inside

there now rabbits are cute I got no

problem with it but they can do damage

to your lawn certainly they can put

holes in there because they're living

underground if you have flowers they

love miracles they're like ice cream

cones to them they eat them like crazy

and a lot of different other plants and

they can spend a lot of time if you're a

gardener with fruits and vegetables

damaging your garden as well so trying

to eliminate the issue of rabbits in

your yard can be a important one to make

sure that everything looks great they're

not going to harm you of course they're

just interested in the vegetation so a

couple of options you locate a hole like

this as I mentioned sometimes you can

see that fur you know rabbits are

vegetarians they're not eating any

insects or anything in the law and

although they may but you want to make

sure that the pH level of your lawn is

good you got a nice healthy green lawn

this lawn looks pretty well this is a

product called shake away a shake away

are these granules and you can see

there's a picture of a rabbit on there

right there and it has the odor of fox


guess what rabbits don't like they don't

like foxes and so you can't smell this

but when you first take that F oh man

does that smell bad and what you want to

do by this hole is go ahead and sprinkle

a little bit of this granule around it

even inside there you can go in there as

well then once you do that I want you to

take some newspaper if you still get the

newspaper or some tissue paper or

whatever and just loosely put it inside

the hole now you've kind of covered that

up there

what I want you to do is come and

inspect that a couple times a day to see

if that moves

if after about three or four days that

doesn't move anymore you know that those

rabbits have figured out that they can't

live there or actually let me back up a

little bit if it comes out again

sprinkle this in put it back in there

again and then after a couple days if it

doesn't move you know that they've moved

on now you can go ahead and fill that

hole back in maybe with a little gravel

and then topsoil and then recede it and

hopefully those rabbits are like hey man

there's a fox living in that backyard we

got to find a different place to live

and that way your yard is rabbit free if

you've got questions or you'd like to

make comment just put it at the bottom

of this video