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Tips and Ideas on How-to Prevent Rabbits from Chewing on Your Garden Plants

well good morning this is plant smart

living with farmer Fred I'm really glad

you could join me today out here in the

vegetable garden well anyhow a couple

days ago I had a viewer leave a comment

here on YouTube and they asked I have

had trouble with rabbits getting my

cantaloupe plans do you have rabbit

problems well if you've watched my

videos you know you can see I live in I

have 10 acres here in in Pennsylvania

and so yeah I have plenty of rabbits and

so let me just show you or share with

you some tips and ideas on how I prevent

these rabbits from chewing on my plants

so thanks for joining me today

so anyhow yeah my garden I have a lot of

little transplants that the rabbits

would just love to munch on

you know same with the deer and and so

the key is not allowing them or

preventing them from getting to your

plants in the first place so let's just

walk around the garden and I'll show you

some of the things that I do to prevent

them from getting to those tiny little

plants once they get mature I don't mind

if they you know want to gnaw on a few

leaves or something that's fine and so

let's just I'll take a walk through and

show you what I do here so over here

alongside my house in my one flower

garden I use this space to to plant some

seedlings these were seedlings or

transplants from my Swiss chard that I

thinned out and planted along this edge

and so I have rabbits that would come in

here and eat these plants so I simply

did was took a 12 inch wide section of

chicken wire and made these little cages

that I put around these plants until

they get mature and so this is one thing

that I do with my plants to keep those

rabbits off of them so let's go take a

look at some other things that I do with

the cantaloupe now on my way over to the

cantaloupe bear I decided to stop here

and show you this - you know this is a

row cover or agribon door or a fleece

now I have these on on poles here

creating a low tunnel hoop house but you

can actually take this cloth and lay it

right over your plants as they grow and

mature and so that's another way you

could also keep the the these critters

off of your plants is just by laying

them over your plants and as they grow

and mature you know these will just lift

up with your plants they also allow all

the rain and and air to pass through so

so anyhow let's go take a walk over

where I'm going to be growing some

cantaloupes so over here in this one

section is where I grow my cantaloupes

in my melons and I'm going to be buying

some of those transplants

next week I also did direct so some of

your melons and different squashes now

for instance right here I have some

butternut squash like direct sowed in

the garden a while back and what I'm

going to be doing why these plants are

young to keep the rabbits off my plants

or the deer is I use these wire sections

that I have they're cut-offs from wire

fencing they have a two by inch by three

inch opening and you know you can simply

just lay those over your plants if you

want to keep the rabbits off of your

cantaloupe plants and so this technique

has really worked well for me all these


and once the plants you know really grow

and reach maturity then I take these off

and so let's just go take a look at

those raised containers over there so

over here I have a few raised garden

containers and I have some kale on the

one and some red Russian kale on the

other two different varieties and I have

a wire fence section curled up over

these just to keep any animals off I'm

going to be removing that soon once they

just get a little bit larger and so

let's just go over I'll show you this

one tree over here that I also what I do

to protect it so let's take a walk over

here I have a hibiscus bush that I

planted here

again it's just another circle of wire

fencing that I put around here to keep

the deer off and even rabbits if I were

to get rabbits and again I'll even as

that gets bigger maybe I'll replace it

with a larger fence so you know maybe

one that's about four foot in diameter

in order to keep the deer off it as it

grows and matures I'm back here over in

this other garden here you know I also

use these empty salad containers as a

mini greenhouse you know if your

cantaloupe plants are real tiny or any

plant for that matter these also will

protect your plants from rabbits while

they're really at a young stage I'm back

over here at my other garden here when

my row cover is and you know the real

clever also is great not only to keep

the pests off it but you know the deer

and the rabbits and and that also my

plants just thrive under there and so so

anyhow that's basically what I do to

keep the rabbits off my my garden plants

so anyhow I want to thank you for

joining me out here in the garden today

if you have any questions or comments or

suggestions about this video and maybe

your experiences with keeping rabbits

off your plants feel free to leave them

in the section below your own

experiences so until next time this is

plant smart living with farmer Fred