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Keep Rabbits Off Patio Rabbit Poop Solutions Repellent

Keep Rabbits off patio rabbit poop solutions repellent

hi it's AlaskaGranny Alaska Granny I love spending time in the desert in the wintertime but

one of the downsides of that is that the little rabbits like to get on to my

patio and they poop all over the place I enjoy when my little grandson comes to

visit I want him to be able to play outside not playing into rabbit poop and if I

want to walk barefoot I don't want rabbit feces under my feet

yes Golf Club

it can be difficult to try to clean rabbit poop it all up every single day so here

are a few techniques that I tried to keep the rabbits from coming onto the

patio stop rabbits from pooping on patio one of my friends told me they sprinkled baby powder all around the edge

perimeter of the patio so first I tried sprinkling the baby powder but as you

can see the rabbits were not deterred by that in fact one rabbit of them found it

completely interesting

another friend told me they bought the little bottles that would be the same as

vick's vapo rub at the Dollar Tree so I went down to the Dollar Tree I stocked

up on those little bottles of chest rub like vick's vapo rub I took the lids off and distributed them around the edge of the

patio I put about eight of the chest rub jars out there and the next day there was less

rabbit poop but there was still some so I added a few more chest rub jars to about fourteen or

sixteen total chest rub jars and I even placed one under the chair where the rabbits like to get at night

and leave their poopy trail well it certainly has worked the rabbits are

still in the yard which I love seeing them but they're not coming up as much

on the patio I'm still going around I can pick up a little bit of poop in the

morning but not anywhere near as much as I had before so if you have rabbits that

are pooping on your patio try getting some of the little bottles of vick's

vapo rub or a generic chest rub from Dollar Tree one distribute them along the edge of your patio where

you're not going to trip on them and just leave them for a few days and see

if that doesn't help keep the rabbits off of your patio I've had them there

for quite a few days it seems to be working and I'm pleased with the

progress and the outcome that I've had from this it isn't a hundred percent but

it's certainly a 98 percent improvement in no more rabbit poop on my patio keep rabbits off patio if you have any tips to keep rabbits

from pooping on your patio please share them with us so that we can all find

success in the challenges that face us

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