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How to Treat Fur Mites In Rabbits/Naturally



about two weeks ago I noticed that

charity had a lot of dander build up

under her fur I thought at first it was

just you know because Angoras have long

fur their damages and how a chance to

you know escape like other people like

humans do I mean like when you have skin

and just like falls off but then they

have so much thought that's had fall off

but when I was plucking lucky he didn't

have nearly as much dander caught as she

did so I had a suspicion that she had

fur mites when a rabbit has firm rights

one of the things you'll notice with

them is that they have a lot of like

flaky cakey bandar-e skin so just to be

safe I have been treating her for fur

mates and today I'm going to share with

you what I have done well on our

homestead we like to do things as

natural as possible and so I haven't

been using any chemicals or anything to

treat anything with and also I have had

to treat all the babies because they are

with her and they could have gotten it


so today I will be finishing treating

charity and all of her babies and I will

talk you through what I'm doing today

and what I did last time as well so ten

days ago

exactly I took charity and I put some de

I had like a mask on like a protective

like you know a mask that you wear when

you go painting stuff and I took de

which is diatomaceous earth it's food

grade and I sort of covered her nose

because if you breathe it in if you

breathe in de it could cause your lungs

to you know get scarred and stuff so I

tried my best to cover her nose and

mouth and I put de all over her neck

area and her ears and her back and did

that to all the babies and then I

sprayed neem oil all over their cage and

neem oil is supposed to be a good thing

to kill mites as well so but you can't

spray neem oil on them because that's

not very good for them so

that is what I'm going I did 10 days ago

and then that's to kill all of the mites

that are adults but then all the eggs

don't get affected by the de is what

I've heard so you have to do it ten days

later to kill all the eggs and whenever

they start hatching so and I have done

this for rabbits who had mites and it

was it worked well and it's very good so

we're gonna do it and I'm gonna close

this door before they start jumping up

and I will show you what I'm gonna do

but I also wanted to mention that to

prevent any of my other rabbits from

getting mites I have always done the

Angora these Angoras last when I'm doing

the chores I feed in water and do it the

hay and pet everyone else first and then

I come and do them last so that I don't

accidentally you know spread that mites

on my hands so I've put charity in this

cat carrier so that I can clean their

cage and spray with me boy I don't want

to get that anyone's eyes on accident so

she is in this carrier and then I'm

gonna put the babies put the babies on

this cage ëthe above this other one and

I'm just gonna clean this as well when

they're done with it so now the cage

that I'm going to clean is empty so I

can clean it so


okay so I'm wearing my mask now and I

have the de all ready to go so I'm going

to take the baby for needs one other

time and dust them and then put them

back in their cage



okay so now I'm gonna do charity


okay so she's gonna get same thing like

the baby's just going to check your nose

and mouth and put it way all over

everything as much as I can

especially in all this wool here come

here baby

it's okay and then just putting on here

slow stuff continue to help like her

back and on or like her belly and all

that will be good so that's it

thoroughly dusted now put her back in

the cage as well I'm gonna spray down

the grooming stand and this carrier and

anything else that has touched the

rabbits with mites with neem oil to kill

all of them so I'm gonna go do that so

I'm going to spray down the cage that

the BBN goers were in temporarily just

make sure there it's clean as well and

there we have it all you have to do to

get rid of mites is put diatomaceous

earth on all the rabbits and spray their

kitchens de once and then do it again in

ten days and you hopefully most likely

will mates will disappear thank you guys

so much for watching this video I hope

you enjoyed this video and learned

something from it and maybe you'll try

treating your rabbits this natural way

instead of using chemicals next time you

they have mites thank you again for

watching and I'll see you in the next

video I