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How To Delete Quora Account Permanently

in today's video I'm going to show you

how you can delete your Quora account if

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do is come to Qualcomm and make sure you

logged into your account we should do

that click on your profile icon and then

go to settings once you're in settings

you can then go to privacy and here we

can scroll down and core is going to

give you the option to either deactivate

or delete your account deactivating the

account basically keeps all of the

content that you've ever posted on Quora

but just ops you out of any emails or

anything like that

so the only thing that's going to stay

is your content and then deleting your

account it's going to remove all of your

content and it's going to completely

wipe your account so you can choose

whichever one you want to do then click

on that it's going to tell you it makes

your content and profile inaccessible to

of a core users we can then click delete

click delete again and your account will

be deleted so that's how you can delete

your core account if that video helped

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