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How to Disable Quick Add on Snapchat iPhone/iPad & Android (2021)

in this video we will learn how to

disable quick add on snapchat so let's


so to disable quick chat on iPhone and

Android the process is similar for

Android as well as iPhone just go and

open your snapchat app here we are once

you are here just go and tap on your

account I can add the top-left corner

tap on it and here we are now tap on the

Settings gear at the right top corner

now scroll down below scroll down below

and search for quick chat

sorry quick add so here we have see me

in quick add tap on it and here you can

see show me in quick add if you want to

disable it just go and turn it off and

no one would be able to see you in quick

ad so hope it has helped you in

disabling quick chat option on snapchat

on Android as well as iPhone but before

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