get rid

How to get question mark in box symbol ⍰ !!!! IOS/ANDROID


Gazza Bank was another tutorial

it means place thank y'all for about 16k

on the recent recent postcards but now

I'm back with another video and you're

just gonna start off by going to the

sentence no I'm gonna go to my general

about but now I'm going to go to about

and I'm running eleven point one point

one I think yeah I don't know what uh

yeah I'm running that so I don't know if

it'll work I don't know if it will but

this website link will be in the

description guys link will be in the

description now it's telling us about

all of that but all you want to do it

just do the easy way out and just do

like normal people just get it copy it

just copy the symbol copy and then once

you got out my head onto Instagram and I

got a duty to do some post number just

post recent imma just pull some reason

in my gallery now I'm gonna click that

and y'all know how I say up

like because we're I can't go as close

to me through my eyes but that pace

number two spaces and as you guys can

see is right there oh it's hot like yeah

like if you need it if you need it like

that's the easy way out but I got a new

video I got another way stay tuned

no god this is the new way jump link to

the website I'm on this in the

description now it just telling you step

by step by step to do man I just will

prefer the first way that I did it but

if you want to go with this man

just read it I'll put this video in slow

motion but I prefer to read it man

and if you enjoyed this mini tutorial

man like subscribe and comment

yah yah yah