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How To Cure A Hangover

hey everybody oh no learning Sunday

video every Sunday we learn something

together now I'm gonna try not to yell

because the people watching this video

are probably hungover did you have a fun

night are you having a bad morning

well you messed up you poisoned your

body you've hurt yourself and now you're

in misery and unfortunately there is no

magic cure for hangovers it's a little

punishment to you for being a little

irresponsible I've been there a lot of

people have been there it's ok what's

going for my mistakes though now what

Christmas stuff is still out I'm filming

this before Christmas is over

so shoo shoo shoo anyway even though

there is no magic here I did find things

that helped ease the pain that you're

going through so are you ready let's

learn together one water I can't stress

that enough water you need to drink

water alcohol dehydrates you and you

need to rehydrate yourself so put some

water in your body also as I've said

there is no magic here there are things

to do to prevent hangovers

but at this moment when you're watching

this probably pass that so that'll be a

whole other video these are just ways to

help you in a hangover moment coffee now

coffee can help you or it can hurt you

it depends on your body it can cure

headaches but it can also give you

headaches so if you're an avid coffee

drinking you need your coffee go for it

drink your coffee if you never drink

coffee and like caffeine makes your body

go crazy I say don't try it right now

carbs now it doesn't soak it up and soak

up the alcohol come on but it does help

to bring your blood sugar level back to

its normal thing you may be feeling

sluggish and tired your blood sugar is

plummeted so you need to bring that back

up and normally when your blood sugar

dips your liver helps out to bring it

back to normal but since you drank so

much your livers busy trying to deal

without all that alcohol you put in your

body so it's a little preoccupied so you

do need to help it by eating things to

bring it back up pain meds but stick to

the anti-inflammatory kind so you can

take aspirin ibuprofen but don't take


you don't want to take a drug that would

make your liver have to work to digest

it because again your livers already

working so take ibuprofen take aspirin

for the headache now the rest of these

are little up for debate again there's

no scientific perfect way to cure a

hangover but some people say exercise

now sweating it out doesn't actually

exist you don't sweat out the alcohol

but exercise can boost your mood and

make you feel less tired and less

sluggish but if you're just like

vomiting while you're running I suggest

maybe go back to bed

sprite some say it actually helps

metabolize the alcohol in you which is

great because it's also delicious ginger

or peppermint tea a lot of people say

this helps with the nausea you know how

you're wanting to vomit everywhere right

now this will calm that down nice ginger

nice peppermint get some soothing action

up in you asparagus that's right

asparagus apparently it helps protect

your body from booze no I found this in

the hangover cure section but I'm pretty

sure this is a prevention measure

doesn't hurt to try it

bananas and pretzels a weird combo I


but together they can actually help

prevent further dehydration ethyl

basically makes you the most dehydrated

person ever so we're trying to fix that

and the bananas and pretzels together

has to do with the combination of

potassium and salt together that's what

helps you it's not like a magical fruit

combo it's what's in them it's science

and lastly pepto-bismol my great grandma

used to put a squirt of it on every bite

of beans but today it could help you

with your hangover it eases your stomach

pains it replenishes electrolytes and a

dampens heartburn it won't do anything

for your headache so take an ibuprofen

but also you still need to drink water

so I hope this has helped you this is

just some ways to help and I hope that

I'm talking at a softer I don't think

you guys have ever heard me speak this

softly before but this is to help your

hangover it's not going to cure it

nothing can care it sorry I'm not a

magician I don't having something

magical for you but those are just the

common things water carbs clean carbs

don't be eating pizza like have some

toast come on little maybe a little

honey on it yeah but a lot of hangover

cures are just myths but if they work

for you great fantastic if they don't

don't do then

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